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How To Select Granite For Your Home


First of all, I have to admit, that my husband and I were clueless on how to shop for granite. Seriously, we were green beyond belief on this subject. Fortunately, I found a friend, who had been researching the subject very well and in a terrific market….aka Houston, Texas!

So, what was next after learning some important bits of information from my friend, Dee. She shopped for her granite at length and shared her info with me. Armed with her great info, Bob and I took off all over our area. Right away, we went to one area that scared me, because the deal was too good to be true. Red flags were flying around me on that one. So, off we went to find the best deal around. First of all, I’m not implying that the ones we would not buy from were not honest, but it was those red flags that made us go on to other locations.

We live very near the Georgia state line and often there are great deals in that gorgeous state, too. Fortunately, another friend, Farica, had shared her granite experience with me. Meaning her installation did not include caulking the granite; therefore, she and her husband got that unexpected job. We kept shopping and questioning at each shop, what was included and then it happened. Remember, we’re back across the state line and suddenly I found a local magazine with a gorgeous ad page, while we were grabbing lunch. Oh, my goodness, we could not get to that shop fast enough. The showroom was gorgeous and the interior designer was fabulous to work with. She showed us lots of colors and invited us to walk out into the area, where we could select exactly, the granite we wanted and get it put away for our installation.


Remember my friend, Dee, who had researched so well. I certainly remembered Dee on that day. Suddenly the interior designer asked if we would be interested in seeing remnants! Wow! She actually said that great word, “remnant” like Dee had shared with me. How fast could I yell, “yes”? Overjoyed that this lady mentioned it without our having to ask her. We were needing enough to do our area that had two sinks. The 2 pieces of granite would appear as a backward capital “L” flipped up. Basically, 2 vanities meeting in the right corner. Each would get new sinks, too. And our designer also mentioned the same think as Dee, that the remnants were quality left over from a contractor and that she felt sure there was enough for the square footage we needed..like 25 or 29 square feet. We were able to view the craftsmen finishing granite for other customers. This place was definitely, where we needed to be. Using the remnants saved us $300 to $400. We shopped around for the faucets and got the ORB Delta faucets for a great price instead of going with the local faucet sellers’ Delta.

Before we left that day, we selected the finish edge, and got in writing, their agreement to
install and caulk. Please remember those words “agreement to install and caulk” and keep that signed piece of paper. Also, remember that we chose to buy our sinks from the showroom. The only problem we did have was that the agreement to caulk was disappearing. No way was I going to agree to that and reminded the installers that was not to be. They tried, but that was in writing…so they agreed and did a great job. We did buy the Delta Venetian Bronze faucets at Home Depot, I think. Might have been Lowe’s and as I mentioned they look great and saved dollars compared to the specialty store.

Our home is nearly 30 years old and we are the third owners. So naturally, the company wanted to sell us more at some time, if not right then. So, we agreed to pay a little extra…maybe $50 to have their company visit to “map” our vanities in all 4 baths. We only have had the master done so far, and the fit is perfect. The seam is barely visible unlike the old sculptured marble we had.

Again, please don’t be fooled by someone, who will say that a remnant is a defective piece of granite. According to what the designer told Bob and me, they are not inferior slabs. Just not large enough to do a huge space.

Still, be careful and question whether it feels like you are at the right place. We are so happy that we shopped that one day…most of the day. We’re overjoyed with the results. Please bookmark this post if you are considering granite. I know how much my friends’ info helped with our decisions and sincerely hope this will benefit you or someone you want to share the info with for their re-do.

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18 Responses to How To Select Granite For Your Home

  1. Great tips Helen…it has been 9 years since we shopped for granite…and thinking of adding some to another area…so this post was very helpful!!

    • Thanks, Shirley! For a while I was afraid shopping for granite might not be easier than learning a new language!:) I’m very thankful to hear that the post was helpful to you.

  2. I recently installed granite counter top in my kitchen as well as in bathroom.The best part is that it easy to clean and maintain. It has made my home more appealing and elegant.I think I have made a right decision that will be appreciated for life time.

    • Hi Evie, Thanks so much for sharing your granite experience with us. I love hearing how pleased you are with your installation and I know you will appreciate it even more as time goes by. Please drop by often. Thanks, Helen

  3. Thank you for the tips. Love your new counter tops.

    • Hi Tina, You’re very welcome for the tips. Thanks for stopping by and I have to confess, I’m still struggling to decide what items will be decorating it. The statue is in front of the angel bird feeder; however, I’m now enjoying it (statue) by draping some of my casual necklaces on it. See you soon!

  4. My kitchen island is done in a remnant and I am so pleased with it. Just a small piece left over from another job. Can’t beat that and it is cheaper. Yours looks fabulous. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, Thanks for sharing your granite remnant experience, too. Actually, I must confess, that I wasn’t absolutely crazy over the idea of granite until we shopped that day. We did choose to have a thicker countertop that the sculptured marble was and are really glad we did. It’s a little over 1.25 inches thick. Cheaper works for me, too! Hope everyone will now realize that a remnant is not a blemish. See you soon, Helen

  5. Great tips, Helen. We are house shopping now and this advise will come in handy. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  6. Great insight, thanks so much for sharing! We will soon be remodeling our kitchen and I’m not sure if we will use marble or granite…all the info I can get is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…

    • Hi Cindy, You’re very welcome. I love to share helpful info after I’ve been informed by others who know a lot more about it than I ever will. I very much appreciates being assisted by a knowledgeable designer. You mentioned marble…wonder if it might be like granite and have remnants, too? Can’t wait to hear what you select.


  7. I have granite in my kitchen and I love it. There’s a lot of talk about Granite being hard to maintain but I’ve found that’s not so. I use a spray on cleaner and sealer occasionally and that’s all it takes to keep it looking good.
    Thank you for stopping by and following me.

    • Hi Clara, I totally agree with you on the maintenance of the granite. I’m sure it helped that I had heard from 2 friends what to look for when I went shopping. The issue about the caulking was shocking for my friend and I’m very glad she shared that detail with me. You’re very welcome and thanks for visiting me.

  8. I would love to put granite in my baths and kitchen. Great tips and thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


    • Denyse, Throwback Thursday is a great party to be a part of and to learn from other bloggers’ posts one has missed. Thanks for creating such a great party, Helen

  9. Helen, your finished project looks wonderful, you did a great job! It was truly a pleasure to work with you. I hope our paths cross again soon. If you need further design assistance, give me a call!

    Amy Winchester
    AW Interiors
    PPG Color Consultant
    Certified Color Specialist

    • Amy, thanks for all of your suggestions and great advice on the granite. We enjoyed working with you and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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