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Indoor And Outdoor Decorations Leading Into Fall


Hello everyone! Today, I’ve been working with lots of ideas floating around me. Do you do that, too? I suspect we all do at times. Here’s how I decided what to share first. If you’ve followed me a while, you realize that I do love deals and finding something lovely at the same time is wonderful. For that reason, I immediately knew that the tall hobnail vase at Cracker Barrel had to go home with me. Not only was it gorgeous, it was a fresh white color (yes, it’s a color in the crayon box), and 70% off the regular price. (Regular price $49.99 and sale price almost $15.00.) Truthfully, I had no idea where it would be placed first or even later on. I wanted it to go home with me. Home it went and I pulled it out and it was as lovely as I had hoped. Then suddenly I recalled those flowers and recalled how fall looking they are. And it was a plus that they weren’t part of a huge bouquet! So, I left them in that vase to view anytime I passed the bay window in our family room. Tried to think of other places to try out for the flowers…nothing yet has come close! And I must confess at the time I bought the flowers, even I wasn’t sure if I had made a wise choice. What do you think? I especially am liking that the vase is not made of pottery and it is white. Strange for me, I usually avoid white items…and this one I’m loving the shape, style, and that it is tall and also, white! Also, love how the blue and white pitcher fits with the setting!


This is the first summer, that I haven’t planted the container plants myself. Bob and I enjoyed Vinca plants for the first time last summer. The great thing about Vinca is that they often return the next summer if you haven’t emptied the containers they were in the last season. Imagine my wake-up surprise from Bob a few weeks ago when this tiny container was placed in our bedroom with those sweet Vincas looking so beautiful. It was the best gift…even better than my favorite roses. And another great point is that they held up very well for going on four days. Bob did not pick any of them as they were sort of beaten off the night before by rain. Lots of rain fell and knocked them away from the stems. Freshening the water helped them stay nice for a while. That surprise bouquet was wonderful. Don’t we all love an unexpected gift?


I really enjoyed the Vincas on the tall table in our master bedroom. See how well the pattern on the tabletop went with the color of the blooms. I know some of you recognized the custard cup, that the flowers were in. It really made them float!


Notice it’s nearly time to change out our gate decoration. The red, white, and blue butterfly is soon to be stored away! There are a couple of surprises coming to the gate area, so be sure to look to see what’s different this fall.


Hope you have a great week!

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