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Inside The Garden Gate


Welcome inside the gate!  Please don’t be surprised that there are no plants growing just yet.  You see, I’m not the usual gardener.  I’m a wannabe!  That means, that I love the plants, but not the usual work involved in keeping a real garden.

Each year as soon as spring arrives…I am ready to dig in the dirt!  Make that Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil.  Yes, I am thrilled to go out on the screened porch and cover the round planting table with old newspaper and get going.  My all time favorites to plant are Super Elfin  salmon  impatiens, asparagus sprengeri ferns, and marigolds.  The salmon color is near one of the colors in our home’s brick.

So, this afternoon, I enjoyed my digging in the Miracle Gro!  I always plant 10 deck boxes and 2 smaller boxes that sit on a 2 tiered plant stand.  In addition, I always plant 4 or 5 pots of the same plants.  These pots and boxes will be either on our deck, or inside the porch.  Our triangular shaped deck is very long and has brackets attached all along the rails to hold the  boxes.

The Boston ferns, that you  see near our dining table, are necessary.  I absolutely have to have them.  They were on sale at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago.

Each year, I truly enjoy splitting the Sprengeri ferns, usually into thirds, and adding them to 3 salmon impatiens, along with marigolds for each box.  I especially like adding the merigolds for their pop of color.  Also, they are credited with deterring insects.  The butterflies and humming birds love the impatiens as much as I do.

Needless to say, you are now understanding that I am not a real gardener.  I’m just that wannabe, who found her joy today by simply being outside and singing to the blue jays and any other birds!  Thankfully, they can’t laugh and tease me about those voice lessons!  Just hope the distant neighbors weren’t hearing!  Soon, I’ll show you how well the plants are doing in the container garden!  Hopefully, I’ll have added the marigolds, too.

I’m glad to be joining Debbie’s Newbie Party.  Please visit her great blog:


8 Responses to Inside The Garden Gate

  1. I am a wannabe too Helen, so don’t feel bad. My Mom is a wonderful gardener…I have no similarity whatsoever in that dept. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

    • Thanks to you, Debbie! It’s a fun event each time. My mother was like yours..everything would grow for her. Maybe it was her patience that made her a great one. I lack that trait!

  2. Helen, thanks for posting this! I’m not a gardener either! I tend to ask the guys at nurseries or @ HD what plants need the least amount of water, attention, etc and I go with that. 😉

    I do want to learn about gardening though…

    • Sandra, that’s a great way to learn. Sometimes a garden magazine helps me. We are still using the containers that came from Lowe’s ages ago. I wish they still had the deck boxes made up…it was cheaper that way. Maybe they do in some areas…not here.

  3. Glenda Niederhofer

    Well, I’m the “lazy” gardener!!! I want my yard to look picture-perfect without any effort!! Some plants cooperate….most don’t!!! Be sure & post some more pictures soon!!

    • Glenda, Your yard does look perfect anytime! I don’t do plants for our yard, just ones for containers. I am so allergic, that the container plants are all I can work on. They are easy care; especially due to the Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil, that enabled us to travel without worrying about our newly planted baskets and pots. Bet your roses are beautiful about now, too!

  4. I used to love gardening, Helen. I loved the feel and smell of the dirt on my hands…but my allergies have really gotten bad over the past few years so I can’t really dig in the way I used to! Boo!

    • Kim, you and I have the same problem with allergies. I’m basically allergic to anything outside; especially pollen now! That’s why we use container plants for poolside, deck and screened porch. I plant the containers and Bob waters them most of the season! It was a great feeling to leave for a long trip and not have to worry that the plants would not survive. We arrived home to gorgeous plants after 9 days away. That Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil is fantastic and I’m thinking it would work well in your area, too. (We were prepared to arrive home to dead plants and were willing to handle that. A family trip is worth everything, but we were very glad to see gorgeous blooms as we pulled in the driveway.)

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