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Interstate Shopping In April

Shopping along the Interstate Highways was not very exciting until Cracker Barrel Old Country Store changed their store into more fun and pretty decor. Haven’t you also noticed a difference in the quality of the displayed items? It seems the last 2 years decor has been upgraded; however, the prices still seem reasonable.


The butterfly featured items really caught my attention even though, because that area near the entrance is the best spot as you enter or leave the front door. And the second photo of the bird items really called my name. I’m crazy over birds…and also butterflies. I’ve found that both birds and butterflies appeal to us most in the early springtime. Aren’t you thrilled to see any sign that the snow season is going away? I feel like rejoicing! Notice the blues creeping into the bird plates…don’t you love the colors that pop out for spring shopping?


Just take a close look at these tiles and plates with some well known Southern favorite sayings. Bet you’ve heard most of them already. My family’s favorite by far is “I’m Fixin’To” and you might be able to guess the one, who says it the most!:) I’m likely the one!


The yellow pot with the bees all around and the bear jumped out at me from the second I laid eyes on it. Notice the same bear on the tray behind the yellow pot. I admit, yellow is really one of my favorite colors.

As a special treat, I’ve saved the full basket of sayings for last. Hope you really enjoy seeing them.


I have not been compensated in any way by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store!
The opinions are my own and it is where some of my decorative items were purchased.

Hope you have a great week!

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