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Just A Second Look Before Finishing The Plants

Everyone, I must say that after Bob placed this beautiful geranium on that high hook, I was jumping for joy. Joy at the very beauty of that gorgeous plant. Most of the past few years, we have chosen a very deep purple Wave petunia and loved them. This year we were both blown away by the deep red beauty first and then of the very fullness of the plant. See what you think…like it?

Wonder if I dare mention that more than one large one would be better yet? There’s a lot to do, before everything will be revealed next week! Hope y’all like the red, white, and blue theme out there this year. As always, there will be plants you recall if you’ve visited over the past year or so.
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Have a happy weekend! Helen

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16 Responses to Just A Second Look Before Finishing The Plants

  1. Oh, Helen! It looks gorgeous!!!! I am a lover of red, so this is eye candy for me! LOL It looks beautiful in that corner. I can NOT wait to see your reveal!

    • Maria, I’m loving the term “eye candy” for the geranium, that I accidentally identified last night as a begonia! I think I was in flower overload. The laughs on me. Helen

  2. Hi Helen,
    That beautiful red geranium is just perfect for your red, white, and blue color scheme. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve been up to with your porch decorations.

    • Hi Jane, I’m hoping everything is pretty for the 4th of July. Still have some plants to get potted…my garden is totally container plants. A lot to do before revealing it! :) Thanks, Helen

  3. Helen, thanks so much for the reminder about Linky Followers on my blog! I have an account but I totally forgot to add the widget to the sidebar, woops! I’m your newest follower now :-)

  4. I don’t think I have ever seen a red geranium before, it looks beautiful! I love that your eye is immediately drawn to it in front of the gate!

    • Megan, Thanks, the beauty of the red geranium absolutely almost took my breath away when I spied it. Thanks for the kind compliment to the gate decoration…aka the red, white, and blue butterfly. Helen

  5. Helen thanks for the lovely compliment and stopping by my blog. Your red geraniums are a favourite of mine.
    I shake off the dirt in the fall and store them in the darkest part of the basement, then early March I cut them back and add some soil and they start growing all over again.

    • Linda, thanks for mentioning how you store your geraniums in the fall. I had never thought about that. I’m sure other readers will appreciate your kindness in sharing that info with all of us. I certainly do. Thanks again, Helen

  6. That geranium is beautiful! I love the pop of red!

    • Gina, thanks for visiting and commenting on “the pop of red”…I agree with you. It is really loving its position and expanding daily. I’ve never had geraniums in my container garden. Thanks, Helen

  7. Beautiful. I planted some geraniums this weekend. Wish I had a pool to hang them by, giggle. thank you for linking to the hop and sharing the hop with your readers. xo P.S. Have you entered the new giveaway yet?

    • Hi Katie, Glad to hear that you also love geraniums. I am strictly into container plants…rarely have a weed to pull that way!:)

  8. BEAUTIFUL! I am kicking myself for not doing red this year, went with dark pink and love them but the red is stunning! Thanks for stopping by Harrison Home :)

    • Hi Jen! I am guessing you saw that it was my very first time to go with the geraniums and the red blooms. I’m still loving them. Hoping all the containers fill out soon. Hopefully, I’ll be showing an update on the garden….my all container garden. Thanks for visiting. Helen

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