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Master Bedroom Changes


Welcome to the master bedroom, where changes are taking place. Many of you know from the past almost three years, that I’ve struggled with this room and what to do next. Well, sometimes the answers come to us in an unexpected way. Know what I mean? Sure, I know you do.

For starters, I have to say that this is a great layout and the room is a great size for having extra furniture pieces, than we have ever had in our other homes. Let me tell you the story of what and why now! Well here goes…when we bought the mattress a few years ago, someone aka Bob wanted the firm mattress. Yes, I’m talking about really firm…not my cup of tea for sure! OK, he usually gives in to me on furniture, so I was crazy enough to agree on such a little thing thought why not.

Now be honest, what was I thinking? I really haven’t a clue why…so I gave in easily this time.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention, that all that we had heard about that very firm mattress being the way to go…well, it seems that has been exaggerated more than a tiny bit. Now, this news is not my made up story of the mattress, I promise. No, no, no, seriously, my sweetheart has been in pain and has begun another round of physical therapy.
Bless his heart, he is finally feeling somewhat better; however, it’s interesting that the PT told him that he needed to get a new mattress and to get a SOFT one! Let me say, that it feels fabulous. Seriously, I’ve never seen him so excited over shopping for anything like this mattress. And we both agreed and refused to talk about a pillow top style. No way! We were thrilled to see that pillow top mattress go out the door. Hopefully, someone will get it, who needs a bed. It was agony to get the bedding on that style. When we were planning our new room layout, we also thought it would take both of us as usual to lift the corners. Not with this new one…easy does it. So, that’s the good news…and we’ll see how well the mattress feels to that back pain…hoping it goes totally away.

Before I forget here’s the photo of the new mattress and yes, I do have to use a stool to climb in…being short is that way. Maybe there’s a ladder in my future.


There’s something about the overall look of a high bed, that makes it feel, look, and seem relaxing and elegant. OK, I’ve cleaned that up somewhat and yes, if you are jumping ahead, there are some other changes that the lady of the house has determined might as well take place while we’re already in shopping mode. Like the beloved magnolia comfort and other bedding from the Colonial Williamsburg Collection is either going away or will be stored away for a time. Put out of site and then there’s the case for rearranging the room. The ball and claw footed cedar chest will now be in front of the double windows, where the ball and claw footed bench has been for years. The chest of drawers will be moving…not sure exactly where. Oh, the bedding I’m considering is old fashioned and pretty in my mind…just have not seen it yet. Maybe less colorful, maybe more ecru! We shall see…stay tuned!

Thanks to all of you, who take the time to leave a small note. Please know that it is deeply appreciated.


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