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More Fall Decor From Hobby Lobby


Recently, I’ve made many trips to the two nearby Hobby Lobby locations. The photo you just saw as you opened this page was the turning point for me! Oh my goodness, it absolutely took my breath away when I laid eyes on it. And still seems so perfect for the fall season with Thanksgiving ending the fall decorations. It’s perfect for the time we need it. There’s no question that I love it. Also, I believe it is an excellent gift for your hostess if you are on the road to visit friends and/or family. Another reason this one got my attention so strongly is that it has that touch of white instead of orange.


Don’t you love the way the flower petals flop about inside the birdcage and outside? And then there’s the usual and enjoyable scare crows, pumpkins and all things fall.

Have fun shopping and planning your season!

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10 Responses to More Fall Decor From Hobby Lobby

  1. I love the birdcage display too, so beautifully done. Perfect fall centerpiece for any room. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, that birdcage would be great with your home’s colors. That’s why it appeals to me…not limited with time as orange might be. Thanks for hosting a great party. Helen

  2. I wish that Hobby Lobby was closer to me….over an hour away..they have the greatest seasonal decor!…

  3. Oh, I LOVE shopping at Hobby Lobby!! I don’t go often, because I’d be broke if I did – about once a season change. Fall decor is always fun to shop for – so many beautiful natural color!! I’m kinda sad to see summer end, but hopefully seeing all the fall decorating ideas will spark my senses!! Hope you have fun decorating, too!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

    • Well, Ann, what can I say? You need the trips to Hobby Lobby to convince you of what you need. That’s my way of justifying the more frequent trips! LOL! Just remember they are great if you need to return an item. Actually, it seems more decor shops are…within reason, that is. My prob is dreading winter cold that follows the pretty fall! Thanks for dropping by, Helen

  4. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in Ecuador, lol! I love that bird cage, it’s gorgeous! I love it as a centerpiece and I don’t have one…maybe I should just look for one in my wonderful local home store. Big hugs,

    • Fabby, I love that birdcage, too! In fact, I almost bought it this week, but the color was leaning toward a light yellow (love yellow anyway), and I had decided I’d add some white to my family room. It’s still very beautiful and also reduced at 40% off…gotta love a sale like that. Definitely, it would look great on a credenza in a foyer, on a mantle, you name it…it would look great. The fall items are so great that it’s difficult to make a decision on which ones to select! Thanks again, Helen

  5. The Hobby Lobby they’re building nearby isn’t ready yet! Would love to visit – I heard that they’ve had Christmas decor out since July! Such a terrific store! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Hi Kathy, Kathy, you can believe it is up (the Christmas tree) and decorated. I know they had some that were decorated for fall and then I turned around and saw a gorgeous Christmas tree fully decorated. You’re going to love shopping there, too!;) Helen

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