More Fun And Photos At The HGTV Smarthome 2013

hgtvfrontporch2Hello everyone! So glad to be settled down from our great trip to Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Home to the gorgeous HGTV Smarthome 2013. How lucky Bob and I were to have business and vacation time all set for Jacksonville Beach, when we suddenly realized we would be in the town with this gorgeous vacation home giveaway. Yes, somebody…a very lucky somebody will be winning this at the end of this month. And why not you? Well, if you haven’t registered..we all understand why not. You can register twice a day for the home and also you can register for one of the GMC cars or trucks that will be given away. So, read enough to get ready excited over the possibility that you really might be the one lucky winner of this great home.

Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to slip on a pair of blue cloth slippers over those shoes and take the tour in your most comfortable shoes. It’s a lot better than some tours where you have to remove your shoes and just cover your feet…agree?hgtvsmmat

Step right on inside and be ready to be thrilled to be inside with all the lovely adornments. Lots of colors in this one. Notice the blues are here…I mentioned that in the first post about this home. Please read it if you missed it last week. If you love blue…this one is yours for sure. Just be careful when you see this lovely appointed foyer and see that beautiful anchor before you. The lamps on that foyer piece are enough to make you feel…great! In order to see all the pieces in detail, I opted to take two photos close up. hgtvanchor1 Come on, step a little nearer to this great foyer piece in blue and white. This is changing how I feel about blue and white and non-traditional furnishings. Now, get ready for the second look at this marvelous piece of decor.

Let’s go upstairs to the guest rooms and a guest lounging area, known as a loft. Notice the greens up here and that fabulous framed starfish. I can visualize all six of my family up here playing games and/or watching TV. (Wait til you see the 3 screens in the downstairs family room!) Blues are here and wait ’til you see the rest. hgtvloftstarfish

Perhaps, I’m loving the upstairs more than the first floor. Hmm, could it be the fun the grands would have in that loft and their room? OK, let’s see what y’all think about their room.
hgtvchildbikerm3 I love the theme to this room…wheels! Skate boards, bikes, they love it. Think of the fun vacations we’d have if one of our family members wins this one. Don’t forget you don’t have a chance to win if you never enter the contests. OK, here’s my favorite photo of this room…hgtvchildbikerm The grands love to ride bikes with their dad and granddaddy, too. (Their mother and grandmother would rather SHOP…you didn’t hear that!)


Moving along to the adult guest room (my name for it) you’ll love this one. I especially like the mirror over the bed as the beads/berries or whatever surrounding it reminds me of one of my favorite garden gate decorations. hgtvbrownroom
The floral arrangement in this room was fabulous…do you agree?

Many days later, I’m home and failed to get my own photo of the master bedroom downstairs. I can show you how to see it quickly. Just click this link and you’ll see it.






The fabulous garage was amazing and looked like an art gallery a bit. Framed canvas prints were around the walls. Loved that look!

Thanks for viewing this great home.
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