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No Blue And White For Me-Make Mine Crystal

When do we ever learn to never say, “never” or “no, thanks, I really don’t care for blue and white dishes?” Well, I’m living proof that “never comes around sooner than we think” or than I ever thought possible. Take for example the fact, that there is a pretty set of blue and white dishes in the kitchen. You know it’s not my fault that they’re there….let’s blame my friend, Judy. Bless her heart she meant well by telling me about the deal on them. And then we just happened to go look at that deal…so, they just ended up in Tennessee with me! Know you really aren’t buying that either…who would?

Truthfully, our family thinks there is no holiday, without deviled eggs. The ones in the photo were made by me last Thanksgiving Day for a crowd visiting our son and his family. Oh, yes, we refilled that crystal tray many times. There were lots of eggs to enjoy. The crystal egg tray is just like my crystal one, that I’ve used for decades! Still there are many other egg trays here..you name it, pottery, egg-shaped, but no blue and white one yet. Remember those blue and white dishes…the egg tray in the gallery photos would work well with them.

What’s a grandmother to do? Should she merely hint to someone near and dear,that the blue and white egg tray at Marshall’s is calling her name? Yes, even if she doesn’t need another dish ever. And then there’s that gorgeous cup and saucer in a slightly different blue and white pattern. That does it, she should say to herself…”it’s only $9.99 and where else can you get a gorgeous egg try like the one at Marshall’s?” Don’t even try to race to my Marshall’s, I’ll handle that one!

Remember to double or triple click to enlarge that great egg tray, please…you need to see the detail.

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15 Responses to No Blue And White For Me-Make Mine Crystal

  1. Go ahead, hint.

  2. If it was calling your name, how can you resist? It’s beautiful. Love the details.

  3. Good morning Helen,
    Your blue and white is lovely! The devilled eggs look good; haven’t had those in ages. The egg tray is delighful. I do not have a very big collection of blue and white as I mostly collect red and white. But I do love transferware of any colour! Thank you for visiting and enjoy your day.


    • Hi Sandi, The blue and white is gorgeous…like it jumped off the shelf at me! My family thinks it’s not a holiday if we don’t have deviled eggs! Currently, I’m needing to give away a set or two of dishes to make room for new. See how that justifies the new! Red dishes are also on my list. Thanks for visiting me, too. Helen

  4. The way I see it, you can never have too many egg trays!!! LOL Go buy it!!!LOL The blue and white tray is gorgeous!

    • Hi Maria, You ladies are too funny! The blue and white egg tray is stunning and bulky to store….but there might be a way to store it! Thanks for the laughs, Helen

  5. I love blue and white…they are such a classic that stands the test of time…The egg tray..i couldn’t have resisted either!

    • Shirley, I really was taken by the blue and white trasferware dishes and this season I’m leaning toward pumpkin and blue/white things on my Pinteret page. My problem is that I have way too many sets of china and also everyday dishes! And also too many lamps, etc. LOL!
      Thanks, Helen

  6. Same here, deviled eggs are the holiday food. And I somehow became the designated deviled egg maker. Nobody else will make them. Love the egg tray!Thank you for joining TTF this week. Have a fun weekend!

  7. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Your participation helps make it a success.I’m sorry I am slow to visit this week as I am fighting a nasty head cold and my time on the computer has been limited.Wishing you a beautiful day .

  8. […] cushions at Costco of all places! They had info saying how they would hold up well to a lot of use. They were blue…you know that color, that you’ve heard I don’t use. It was such a cold December, that suddenly blue was justified just to have the look of […]

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