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NookColor Now With Decorating Magazines

Nook Color – Click the Photo for More Reviews or to See Pricing

I’ve recently been using the Nook Color eBook to look at decorating magazines.  Perhaps you are like I am about magazines….just cannot toss out beautiful ones and yet hate the clutter!  Think of this, I can keep my favorite magazines for many years without clutter and dust!  Ugh!  It’s great to know that they can stay in our NookColor as long as we like.  And it’s great that Bob and I can share this gift from our son and his wife, yet we each have stored books and now magazines for me.  I was sold on the NookColor as soon as I saw “Veranda” on it.   I felt as if I had been holding a magazine in my lap.  Currently, I have also “Old House Interiors” and the most recent magazine, that I love is “Victoria”.  Best of all, there has been a trial period for the magazines, which let’s us decide if we want to keep having it each month.  We’re sold on this!

Recently, we’ve enjoyed traveling with NookColor and enjoy knowing we can take a thousand page book without worrying about the weight in our luggage.  And those magazines don’t get dirty or left behind.   Love the fresh look and love that NookColor passed the test!

So, those are my thoughts on the Nook Color. Click here for more Nook Color reviews or to see the latest prices.

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