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Our Home On A Mountaintop

july2013mtnhomeMany years ago, we bought a new home on flat land…how flat for someone, who had lived in the mountains of North Alabama for many years. So, the next 2 homes were also on that flat land. Suddenly one day, we were transferred to the beautiful mountains of Tennessee and got the dream of living “on top” and loving it. Here’s what we found…lots of snow! Let’s just say that one day, I actually counted all the trees on the house side of our driveway…150!!! Yes, 150 trees! Remember we had been on flat land with either no trees at all or maybe 2. Of course it doesn’t always have lots of wintry weather, just this past winter was long and lots of snow. Fortunately the builder of our home was also the first owner and he had the driveway turned opposite the front of the house toward our side yard. That way the drive is not as steep and then there is a swing in entrance to the garage doors. That made more paved area for guests to park. Smart man or maybe his wife!

Needless to say, Bob and I fell in love with this house…our dream home! It had all the rooms we wanted and it’s wonderful for entertaining. We wanted a deck, a screened porch, and a pool…all waiting on us. We had room for our son to bring friends home from college with him and loads of room for bridge group, church circle meetings, and room for stuff. Y’all do know stuff. There’s a guest suite with bath downstairs and the master bedroom suite is upstairs and has a bath with 2 closets, 2 bedrooms and another bath are upstairs along with a gameroom. Downstairs there’s a bath that can be reached from outside or inside. Of course we have a kitchen! LOL! Not that I love to cook! One feature I adore is that it has a staircase from the family room to the bedroom area upstairs and a staircase in the foyer directly inside the front door. It’s a home that has been enjoyed more than any other one we have had.

The backyard is our “Paradise” with the deck, pool, screened porch, we are overjoyed. You guessed it …that one thought of winter that I have in July while swimming. How can I allow myself to dread winter in July? Look again at that snow…yes, that was an extra heavy one. There’s one car almost buried! Oh, but doesn’t it look like Christmas cards with snow? july2013pottingtableporch
That porch calls my name! See that plastic round table…it’s my potting table and it sits directly under that ceiling fan as long as I’m there potting all the deck boxes and large and small pots of Vinca, impatiens, ferns. Oh, almost forgot to mention what you see on that table are the boxes of parts Bob used to repair the gas grill yesterday.

We really have gotten summer off to a slow start. Pollen and we are both allergic to it. Needless to say, we are slowly getting things together out back for a great summer. july2013woods


july2013geraniumred The geranium is hanging near the gate and also near the wonderful Weigela bushes. See they sort of screen out the pool area. july2013weigelashww


Now, you see why we truly love this home. It’s one that we have made our own and placed our stamp upon. Outback is our kind of fun! Relax, swim, read, grill, we love it all!


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  1. It looks lovely……love your screened porch! I’m jealous!

  2. Oh it sounds perfect. I love your porch and the pool. Everything looks so beautiful. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Beautiful! I am from the hilly north too- But from India. I used to stay in Darjeeling, a flourishing (for tea) mountain town in the Himalayas and I could totally relate to your joy in your mountain home. I now stay in a coastal city, again- loving it- but one day I shall return! :)

    • Thanks Rukmini, there is something great about the mountains. I’ve loved them since I was a child. I’ve also lived on the Gulf Coast and love it, too. Glad you visited today.

  4. Everything looks so lush and green. you have a beautiful yard. Thank you for sharing at the hop. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Don’t forget to enter my latest giveaway xo

    • Thanks, Katie. It’s getting there, but the plants for this year aren’t potted yet. Two rainy the past few weeks Thanks for hosting and dropping by.

  5. What a beautiful home you have, Helen! Love, love all the trees! And your porch is so pretty!

    • Maria, thanks! We’re hoping this will be the last round of storms. The new geranium took quite a beating this week. Hope you are getting some needed rain, too!

  6. I love all the trees! We once lived where there wasn’t one single tree! There were no birds chirping or leaves rustling in the wind! I’m so glad to live around trees again! Too bad its not on a mountaintop like you! Your home looks beautiful!

    • Tammy, I understand how those bare lots feel all too well. Thanks for dropping by and I almost heard the birds when you described them. We live less than a mile from a church and I love hearing the chimes through the woods, whenever we are outside. They play for a brief time, but sound great.

  7. So beautiful, could be a post card for sure!!! Would love to have your pool about now!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…

    • Cindy, we’ve had so much rain and more to come…it will be a while before we can swim. Mountain rain is cold! I must add that this is very unusual for our summer months. Thanks for hosting AMAZE ME MONDAY and for visiting.

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for linking up at Hickory Trail!

  9. Helen! Your home is gorgeous!! I am drooling over all your backyard space! Beautiful!

    • Jenna, you tickled me! You’re drooling over my backyard and I’m over here drooling over your gorgeous kitchen makeover! Hope you have names of people you found, who can do wonders to a kitchen. I know you and your husband did a lot of it. It’s beautiful!

  10. What a beautiful yard and porch you have. I live in Southern CA where space is a premium so I always enjoy such spacious yards. Joining you from Oh The Places I’ve Been.

    • Hi Mary, Thank you very much for your lovely compliments. I have enjoyed traveling in Southern CA…it’s a beautiful area and fun, too. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely note. Helen

  11. Hi Helen, Christine stopping by from Little Brags…love you home, the snow looks inviting after the AZ heat…lol…..will sign up to follow you along as well…..

    • Hi Christine, About snow, it’s gorgeous and enjoyable for about 2 days. Then cabin fever sets in, when we can’t get out and go somewhere…anywhere! Glad you like my home…it’s different from living on a small lot in Houston, Texas as we once did. Thanks for visiting and glad to have you following.

  12. is there a way to follow through email?

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