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Planting Time Presents Flowers

Time seems to have stood still with the newly planted pots, while we were at home watching them. These shots were made not long before we drove to Atlanta to hop on the airplane to go to Cozumel with our son, d-i-l, and grandchildren for 8 days. Yes, it was a total surprise trip. Those 4 called to tell me Happy Birthday in early April, and then totally surprised us with an invitation to join them on an all expense paid trip to celebrate our 45th anniversary and it’s also covering our birthdays! Our hearts were overjoyed with their fabulous surprise! So, there we were in the midst of getting our porch, deck, and home ready for summer. Nothing would stop us from going…you know we truly would not have fretted if we had arrived home to parched plants. Fortunately, using the Miracle Grow with Moisture did the job well. No death of plants yet. Check out these great looking ferns below.

The truth is that the ferns spent the entire 9 days, that we were away, just hanging in their back corners of our screened porch. A heavy dose of fertilizer prior to our trip and the Miracle Grow with Moisture and a huge drink of water did the work we could not do. We are still smiling about the shape they were in.

We still have a lot of grooming to do out there. Hoping it all comes together well in the next week. We’ve had a few minor problems locating the items, that I think we absolutely have to have this year. Some are replacements for the old that either had to be thrown out or we just needed/wanted a new fresher look. Stay tuned…it’s coming…even if rather slow this year!

Glad to be home safe and sound and with a grateful heart. Glad to link to the following blog hops/parties, too. Thanks for visiting and please hurry back soon.

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10 Responses to Planting Time Presents Flowers

  1. Hi Helen! Glad you’re home safe and sound. How nice your flowers made it while you were gone. You’ve got things looking lovely!
    Thanks always for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Hey Shelia! Glad to see you had a blogger visiting you and Mr. Precious! Let me tell you, I planned for the away time with those plants from the beginning of planting them. I still have to select the new items, that I’m having trouble locating! Maddening, I know! You’re very welcome…you know I love to visit your home and see what you’ve done. Thanks for stopping by. Helen

  2. Hi Helen, It is so nice to meet you. Our dtr lives in Mandarin. I noticed your previous post was about antique shops in Jax.

    Congrats on 45 years of marriage and your birthdays too. We celebrate 50 next April. What a wonderful gift for your celebration. We went on a cruise and Cozumal was one of the stops.

    I’m glad your lovely flowers and ferns survived.
    Happy weekend,
    Hugs, Jeanne

    • Hi Jeanne, It’s great to meet you. I’m not familiar with Mandarin…I’m assuming it is near JAX. Hope you get to visit the Riverside area known as Five Points, where those 2 shops that I featured are located. They’re directly across from each other. And both had things crying out at me to take home. We loved our time in Cozumel. My husband, d-i-l, and 2 grandchildren swam with the dolphins and had a ball. About the survival of the plants…I held my breath when we pulled into the driveway and caught a partial view of the deck boxes. I was thrilled to see they were thirsty, but very alive and revived quickly. The ferns were absolutely wonderful. I think they absorb any moisture from the air they can and it helps that we live on a mountaintop! Thanks for visiting and please don’t be a stranger! Helen

  3. Great job on getting your flowers & plants to survive your away time! Everything looks beautiful.
    Found you at Treasure Hunt Thursday :)

    • Debbie, thanks…they really did better than I had expected and I’m overjoyed that we didn’t have to toss them out and start over. I love impatiens and ferns always and the vinca is new to my container garden this season. The lady at the nursery told us that it loves the hot weather and will double in size quickly. Wow, she was so right…they really grew in the 9 days we were away. Thanks so very much for stopping by. I’m coming over to check your post, too. Thanks again, Helen

  4. Wow! what a wonderful trip you were able to take and to have your plants survive while you were gone! Speaks well for that soil!
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Hi Kathy, Wow! Is that ever the truth? It was fabulous to be with our son and his family for a great trip and celebration. I have to say that potting soil is wonderful. Thank you for hosting the Home and Garden Thursday…I love it.
      Glad you visited today. Helen

  5. Helen,
    Tell me about this quick response code. What does it do and where did you get it? Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

    • Hi Sherry, I’m assuming you saw my QR code, that’s short for Quick Response. I’m sure you’ve seen that code on lots of mail…some from companies you deal with and some advertisement pages have lots of them. What it is for those of us who have businesses and/or blogs is a way to have others find us easily. You can go online to create one for your blog or business for FREE! I was able to scan my computer screen to get Susan’s from her blog, Between Naps On The Porch, simply using my Motorola Droid Razr, that has an app, I had downloaded some time ago. You can use any “smartphone”. I understand that the current iPhones, come with the scanner installed or has a scan button. Susan had given us a tutorial of how to make our own. If your smartphone doesn’t have a scanner installed, you might want to try Quick Barcode. With in 2 seconds from the time I held my Droid over her QR button, it not only found her blog, but opened immediately to her current post. You can store the info on blogs or other important places you want handy. I was so impressed that I went to Susan’s blog and posted how I had been able to lift it with my phone held over the screen. She,like I, had not known that was possible. It’s great! I know we will see them more and more as businesses are really putting them on their envelopes. Look for Susan’s great post from this past Sunday about it. Thanks for asking and I hope this helps. (For example: in my post on 2012/06/27, I had photos of 3 garden seats that all were available from Ross. If you had scanned my blog’s QR Code, you would be able to go to Ross and open my blog showing the 3 photos to a sales person when you asked about their garden seats and availability. I love that feature! Thanks again for visiting, Helen

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