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Porch And Deck Entertaining


Please, tell me if this first photo amazed you as it almost knocked my socks off!

Seriously, this view as I walked in Trees N Trends thrilled me! I was already over the top in loving springtime and this sealed it!


And that basket of yellow tulips was a big part of the socks falling off. Stubborn me! I could not decide for sure if I needed both tulip arrangements right there in front of me. Someone was telling me to get both. Wonder if that was Bob saying to get both!


So, what did I do? I stepped inside and saw the perfect wicker set for our screened in porch! I do love it; however, I’m studying this decision, too! Somehow, a longer one might be more particular for a party!


And just as the yellow cushions were out of sight, there was another love seat with beautiful orange, that once was my favorite color! Yes, y’all might recall that orange was over the top in my late 70s home! Even orange telephones…funny in our photos from those days.


This gorgeous fountain would be perfect ambience anytime! I would definitely choose it instead of an outdoor fireplace! My friends, who love the Fleur de lis surely would love it!


And then, please look at this RED! Somehow RED is my color of the year! There is no stopping me…my brain thinks red! Notice it even has room for 3 people to sit comfortably. Just now, I remembered our red cabinet that is on the porch. Wonder if the two reds would clash! The solid color cushions add appeal after years of stripes or florals on the cushions.


This is awesome, but then they all are! There are so many choices to choose from. Love the tan, too.


And then just as we were about to move on over to another area, this “whatchamacallit” jumped out and caught our attention! (BTW, just googled using my phone’s speaker to ask how to spell that one long word) It appeared to have a small topiary inside it. And then, the gold seating got my attention. Isn’t it lovely?

Do you have any thoughts on a seating selection? Is there advantage to a wider sofa other than the obvious extra space.

BTW, there is rarely a time, when I buy on the spot a purchase over a hundred dollars! Why is that? It’s how I was brought up…”sleep on it…if it’s meant to be,….”

Trees N Trends is a great store filled with many lovely things and it takes a long time to get through all the beautiful items. I am a satisfied customer and I have never been compensated by Trees N Trends.

Happy entertaining and hope you have a fun time shopping for your porch and deck!

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16 Responses to Porch And Deck Entertaining

  1. Great post, Helen! I love seeing new ideas for porch living. I can’t wait to see what you are doing this year! I’ve always loved your porch!

    • Shenita, thank you very much…you made my day. Oh, that makes two of us…I’m wondering about that myself! Thanks for the lovely compliment!

  2. Tulips are my very favorite flower, they knocked my socks off too!! :)

  3. Loved it !! Especially the red !

  4. I just went to a trees and trends for the first time! Great place! I agree, it’s best to think it over to see if it’s meant to be…however, I tend to just buy it and tell myself I can always return it! Ha!

    • Jenna, I often do the same thing, for easy traveling items. Wish there were Trees N Trends stores closer to my home. I’m fixing to visit your post..sounds delicious! Thanks for visiting,

  5. Some super porch furniture and decor ideas. Love them all. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  6. What a fabulous store!!…so many gorgeous pieces of outdoor furniture and I spy wonderful accessories too…I would have a very hard time trying to decide!!

    • Shirley, fabulous is a great description of Trees N Trends stores! I do often have a hard time deciding…then a return trip helps me decide…especially if the sale is better!;)

  7. I would love to have a new patio set, boy they have some nice ones! Thanks for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…

    • Cindy, Trees N Trends has the finest outdoor furniture! I am serious…don’t recall ever seeing so many sets in one shop! I always enjoy your AMAZE ME MONDAY. Thanks for hosting.

  8. Beautiful choices! LOVE the red cushions!

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