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Pottery Barn Sale On Favorite Christmas Item

Image Via Pottery Barn

Friends, get ready if you have been drooling over the beautiful Pottery Barn Christmas decor as I have been for weeks. Today is your lucky day if you have dreamed of the gorgeous Holly Lumbar Pillow Covers. Just found them online for $14.99 each….I call that a real sale price. Don’t you agree? No sooner had I read it and screamed for joy…Bob was saying get them. Of course, I was already steps ahead of needing any encouragement…he missed that I was grabbing my American Express card! I never typed an order so quickly in my life. They were still available and I snapped up six of those with plans in my head for next Christmas season. Please, don’t wait…I learned by doing the waiting game, that sometimes you lose the items you really would love to have. Hope you aren’t as stubborn as I was one year and missed what I really wanted.

OK, maybe you have no clue what all my excitement is about…I’m adding a photo and you know what they say about “a picture is worth a thousand words”…and I’m still saying hurry!

The exact name of this pillow cover is “Painted Holly Branch Lumbar Pillow, 16 X 26” and the lumbar pillow insert is sold separately. Also, there is “FREE SHIPPING.” I’m copying the details for you.

A symbol of the season is captured with expressive brushstrokes on our cotton/linen pillow cover, which reproduces a painting by our in-house artist.
16 x 26″
Made of cotton/linen.
Reverses to solid.
Hidden zipper closure; insert sold separately.
Machine wash.

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14 Responses to Pottery Barn Sale On Favorite Christmas Item

  1. I am so glad you got what you wanted. I too know the heartbreak of seeing something I’d love to have on sale and waiting those 5 minutes too long to act..

    I’ll be watching for the next year in your Christmas decor.

  2. I bought the ones I loved earlier today. Now, it’s just going to be such a long wait to use them!

    • Toni, wasn’t it a great way to kick off the day!!! Which pillows did you select? I’m loving that I saved $25 on each of 6 pillows!
      Thanks for visiting and sharing. Helen

  3. OMG! What a steal – and free shipping too! I just ordered mine and I don’t even care if it’s too late – I’m putting mine out the second I get it! LOL!
    Thanks a million for the great scoop Helen.

    • OMG, Kim! You sound just like I did this morning. I had to order them, before I shared the news! I was concerned that there would not be many left. Hmm, you know, I might flip over mine and enjoy the plain side . If I were good at painting with a stencil…I’d plain a cardboard piece inside the cover and try it. I’d hate to mess them up after the long wait!!! I am so glad to have been the one who gave you “the great scoop” as you said. You are very welcome…alert me if you see anything else that I might need. Thanks, Helen

  4. awesome deal Helen. You asked me about stenciling on pillows. OF course, I have done that too. Easy peasy and looks great. I may be doing one this weekend.

  5. Helen, these are so pretty!!! And what great bargain!
    I was actually looking at them last month, but so expensive!
    I can’t wait to see what you do with them!

    • Maria, I did the math quickly in my head and realized on 6 of these beauties I was saving $150!!! I have been crazy over them for ages…well this year’s ages. LOL. Thanks for dropping by. Helen

  6. Entertaining Women

    Great get! Thanks for following. I’m now following you, too. Cherry Kay

  7. LOVE pillows!!!

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