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Presenting Beyond The Garden Gate Tea Room At Mountain Oaks

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the most grand tea room, that I’ve ever, ever, had the honor of visiting! And it’s everything that I say and more. This is the fairest tea room ever…seriously! OK, years ago, I only went to Jackie’s tea room (what some of us call it) with the ladies. And then one day, Bob happened to be home and I wanted him to go and see this gorgeous tea room located in Ooltewah, Tennessee. No, no, he really wasn’t into going to such a place! Was he ever mistaken. Imagine this, I knew Jackie had the absolute one thing that Bob would love for dessert. Her famous Italian Cream Cakes that are actually baked by her husband. OK, Bob would go just that one time. Here’s the deal now….he will say, “why don’t you call Jackie to see if we can get a reservation for Friday.” Yes, he surely does.

Jackie not only has this tearoom down to a science….she knows her business and treats everyone to a marvelous time. She shops for much of her home decor items for her tea room at many of the same shops we all frequent.

I’m positive that many of you drive right by Ooltewah, Tennessee, on your way North or South and have never imagined such a lovely place was there. Make a note today for that next trip! Remember this is not fast food, but is a lovely dining experience. Pictured is The Sampler Plate, that I often…almost always have. Note that instead of quiche, I had a double of chicken salad. Not that I don’t enjoy the quiche there…just that particular day there was an ingredient in the quiche, that I’m allergic to. The fruit cup is fabulous. Not to sound nutzo, but I really am crazy over this tearoom. My girl friends, who have gone with me enjoy it and go on and on about it. I’m just betting if you have the opportunity to visit it that you will, too. It’s really worth the drive for a girls’ day out from the surrounding areas in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. Make sure you plan ahead and get the reservations for lunch prior to driving. Friday is very busy there. And many times, that busy day is the most fun day ever.

The light green room is by Behr and Jackie shared her color with us. It’s named Rejuvenate and it really lives up to its name. Don’t you agree? Jackie uses the satin enamel paint.

Make sure that you have the following info printed or copied, so that you won’t miss this fabulous spot just off Interstate 75 North located between Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee. Actually, just a few miles North of Chattanooga. Beyond The Garden Gate Tea Room At Mountain Oaks is located at 9508 Church Street in Ooltewah. Telephone: 423-238-2929 “Located in the Historic James County Courthouse” Lunch is served Tuesday through Friday and on Selected Saturdays from 11:00 to 2:00. Look for the tea room on Facebook and tell them that you heard about them here at Helen’s Decor. Visit their website at www.beyondthegardengateatmountainoaks.com.

One last view…that I think you’ll love. Thanks to Jackie for allowing me to share her tea room with us. Hope you have enjoyed all her lovely details as much as I have.

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12 Responses to Presenting Beyond The Garden Gate Tea Room At Mountain Oaks

  1. Oh, what an elegant place! I would love to go to a tea room like this! The food looks and sounds so good! We just don’t have anything like that around here! I’m so mistreated! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Shelia, this tea room is Number 1 in Tennessee on http://www.teamap.com. Maybe you can find something in Texas, by using the teamap link. I’ve used it in many states and yet have never found one even close to Beyond The Garden Gate. It is just as lovely as the photos…come on up and we’ll go there. Thanks, Helen

  2. Helen, what a gorgeous tea room! This looks like the perfect place to spend a beautiful afternoon, And the food looks amazing! I wish we had that kind of tea room here! Very, very pretty!

    • Maria, so glad you noticed the amazing food midst all the beautiful furnishings. You just have to see it! The homemade pimento cheese is wonderful and that fruit cup is the best I’ve ever had. Thanks, Helen

  3. Hi, Helen. Following you right back–thanks for following me! Your screened porch looks sooooo relaxing among the trees!

    • Hi Zuni, Thanks for visiting and for following my blog. That porch was one majoy selling feature for me, when we bought the house years ago. I’d always wanted a covered porch and with it already screened-in, even better. I’ll be posting a new look out there soon, I hope. Thanks again, Helen P.S. I see you found the tea room post, too. Love that!

  4. Helen…I would love to be able to have a tea room here like Jackie’s…My friends and I would have so much fun..Thanks for sharing and following me…
    Blessings, Becky

    • Becky, believe me, I’ve never found one that comes close to this tea room. Jackie’s tea room has the unique ability to make you feel as if you are a guest in her home. Thanks for dropping by and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. Helen

  5. This looks like a fun place to have lunch with friends. If I ever pass by, I’ll be sure to drop by. Thanks for sharing about your day at Your Cozy Home party!

    • Hi Shannon, I hope you do get to visit Beyond The Garden Gate Tea Room. It’s a wonderful experience and the decor is fabulous. Thanks for the warm welcome to Your Cozy Home party, Helen

  6. What a lovely place to spend some time Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop Big Hugs xo

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