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Redecorating Our Garden Gate

One day last week, again I found myself stopping at Ross Dress For Less to check out their decorations for home and outdoor areas. There were lots of sizes of lanterns, watering cans, etc. And suddenly out of the corner of my eye, there was what had to go home with me. Remembering, that it was almost time to refresh the gate decorations for our summer fun in the back yard…behind that gate..I knew this gorgeous butterfly would be perfect. Not just perfect looks, but perfect price and quality were in the deal.

I know if anyone had ever said, that I would buy and decorate a gate with a red, white, and blue butterfly…well you know! Yes, you know they would have been just crazy! Bob had been at a golf shop while my shopping took place. When we arrived home, I was very interested in his reaction to the newest thing for him to hang. Actually, it was super easy and could easily have been put in place by me.

Words cannot express how delighted Bob and I were to see this beautiful piece with our patriotic colors hanging on that gate. Now, we’re hoping to find another one just like it to hang on the inside of the fence. What do you think of it? It will likely be there into July. Notice the stars on the top of the wings. They are cutouts in just the right spots to hang the metal piece, and using the screws that previously held the container used earlier for a copycat of the Southern Living magazines decoration of a fence with an old brass mailbox on it.

Again, remember this was a great bargain find. Just as the container resembling the mailbox was!
In other words, I’m tickled red, white, and blue!

Please, don’t forget that all photos are clickable. You will likely need to click twice to get the largest size to show. Here’s an off center photo, that shows how green our woods have become in the past week or so! Gotta love this season.

We’re now ready to get the deck boxes and all the large flower pots planted. The bare containers look so pitiful. Not long now until they will be overflowing with ferns and impatiens. The weigelas are still blooming and have grown too tall. Click: http://www.helensdecor.com/beyond-the-garden-gate-weigelas/
and click here http://www.helensdecor.com/decorating-your-garden-gate/

Notice the great ball topiary, that is like the ones we saw in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. It still looks like new and oh so real!

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24 Responses to Redecorating Our Garden Gate

  1. Oh, Helen, the butterfly is so pretty! What a great find! And because of the colors, you will be able to keep it on your door until after the summer. The woods look so green! I know you are glad winter is over!

    • Thanks, Maria! It was very reasonably priced for sure. Actually, it could go well a number of places around our home. I wasn’t sure how Bob would like it and to my surprise he really does like it. Thanks for your comments. Helen

  2. Hi sweet Helen! I love your gate and butterfly you added to it. I think she’s going to also look great in a al-fresco,garden party for the 4th. of July…what do you think? I’m so glad you’re enjoying great weather at your neck o tha woods. Thank you for your wonderful and kind comment, I so appreciate it. Hugs,

    • Fabby, I’m loving your 4th of July plan for my garden! Just one possible problem….the temp then will be out of site. You’re very welcome…I always enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks for your kindness. Helen

  3. Oh, I forgot! Yes, the flowers in the centerpiece are alive, they’re supermarket flowers on sale for $2, they are 20% off on Wednesdays, along with fruit and veggies. Flowers are gorgeous here in Ecuador and not expensive at all. The best roses in the world grow here. I have a post about them, from my BIL’s Rose farm, ALTAFLOR. Thanks again sweet friend.

    • Fabby, what a terrific deal on grocery store flowers. About the best price here is just under $9. I’ve got to read the post you mentioned. As always, you’re welcome. Helen

  4. hi helen- I am now following you on Linky! Thanks for the comment and follow! laura

  5. Helen, Your patriotic butterfly is perfect for your gate. It makes a wonderful statement.
    I also signed up for Linky followers. I just have to find a personal thumbnail instead of the “generic” one.
    Thanks for telling me about it. I had just been putting off signing up.
    Hope you have a great weekend,

    • Babs, thanks for your assurance. You know how you sometimes look at something so long and then begin to second guess yourself…maybe you don’t. I surely do and it maddens me. That butterfly just had to be here. You’re welcome about the Linky and I’m glad to have been the one to push you a wee bit. I’ll be over to follow you.:) Helen

  6. Hi Helen – thanks for visiting my blog, I love the butterfly and I always find really great items at great prices at Ross’s too! I am now following your blog!

    • Hi Verna, you’re quite welcome. I enjoyed being there, too. Ross was a real surprise for me…like it more all the time, too. Thanks for following my blog, too. Helen

  7. a beautiful accent. I love butterflies, they have always been around when something wonderful or happy has happened! Thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop Happy weekend wishes! xo

    • Katherine, I’m thrilled that you love butterflies and especially my patriotic one. The butterfly is also a special reminder of the first time our grandson swam in our pool. The butterflies were swarming in our deck boxes and he was thrilled and could barely say
      “butterfly”…so a very special decoration this year. Thanks for visiting, Helen

  8. I think that butterfly is pretty cute! Thanks for stopping by tonight. I am a new follower on your Linky too.
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. You can never go wrong with a red, white and blue theme! Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m now following you too, Laura

  10. Love it and yes very fun indeed!! Thanx for joining THT!

  11. Looks great!!!
    New linky follower too!

  12. Oh my … I LOVE that butterfly. Also, love your beautiful porch … always wanted a screened-in porch, but that will never happen here. Congratulations on your honor on the porch.
    Thanks for visiting Timeless Treasures with a nice comment and follow. I am a new follower for you too.
    Audrey Z.

    • Audrey, thanks so very much for dropping by and following my blog. That butterfly had to go home with me for sure. Glad you enjoyed the porch and please drop by for a visit. I’ll certainly be watching for your posts as I love your writing style. Wishing you and your husband many more great anniversaries to share over ice cream. Thanks again, Helen

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