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Rewiring a Lamp for the Holidays

The time is passing by quickly and soon you will be wishing you had finished all the little items on your list. One item, that might seem huge to you, is getting around to rewiring that old lamp. Actually, I was right there a few years ago. Wanting everything to be perfect and yet afraid to jump into rewiring a LAMP!! Make that a pair of them.

Fortunately, I had searched a little on Google for how to do just that. Then I found a terrific book at Lowe’s or Home Depot in their book area. It’s title is Quick Guide Wiring by Creative Homeowner Press. I found the sections on Lamps, Sockets, and Cords to be most helpful.

The main and most important thing I learned was to not cut a corner and leave out any steps. Do it right or hire a professional. Please make sure that you take the time to learn to make the all important “Underwriters’ Knot. That knot protects you by keeping the wire from falling down to the base, if it were to break free of the terminals of the socket.

If you are rewiring by all means select a cord that will not stand out from across the room. The cord that looks best is one that is barely visible. Also, you can purchase cords for rewiring in lengths that have the plug already on them. Be sure that you shop for just the right length, but don’t go too short. Read carefully and follow all suggested instructions in your guide book.

While shopping for supplies, decide if you wish to go with at 3-way socket requiring 3-way bulbs or not. I love the look of a room with only lamp lighting. It’s greater yet when it is set on low or medium. Lamps are our best decorating tool for our home.

If you can count all your lamps in your home on one hand…it’s time to go shopping for more lamps! My favorite lamps were bought at a “Bargain Mart” and they are my favorite makeover to date. Start today to make your old lamp look better with new wiring, lamp shades, and finials. Good luck!


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  2. My Mom always rewires lamps too Helen. That is one pretty lamp. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

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