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Roosters Presented By Helen’s Decor

Welcome to Helen’s Decor! First of all, please note, that every photo is clickable to enlarge and double clicks are the best views!

It’s almost fall and what better time to decorate with ROOSTERS! I will say this, it’s definitely not a way, that I have celebrated ever. In fact, I’ve been rather late to finding roosters so gorgeous, handsome, or anything to consider adding to my home’s decor! I know, I know…I am slow on change. The thing is that everywhere I went…there were the ROOSTERS! Why were they there…I was thinking that I’d been around them as a child. They aggravated me then as they would get in my way on my grandparents’ Arkansas farm. And did I mention, they were not my favorites at all?

So, today, I am celebrating the memory of my fun times with my grandparents and trying not to remember the smelly feathers. In reality, I have to admit that chickens are lovely in their own way. And if you aren’t already aware, roosters are taking over for a second time in recent years. (That point is according to my memory!) Today, I’ve decided they are here to stay as decor. Maybe not steady, but they will return again and again. They are in every store now!

Mr. Rooster sitting on the wine rack was found at TJ Maxx for $16.99. The rooster sink rug is from Walmart for $9.99! Note the design with the Harlequin diamonds. (The bonus is that it is machine washable and dryable.) There’s a Harlequin diamond bulletin board hanging over the kitchen desk; therefore, I had to have rug. Also, you will notice that the canvas on the backside of the cabinets has the same Harlequin diamonds under the parading rooster. That came from Hobby Lobby on their 80% off sale! It was 20% of $39.99…about $8.00! (Y’all know that I grabbed that one quickly!)

On the “paradise” back porch are more roosters in “The Red Cabinet”…including the set of four rooster mugs and the rooster vase. The mug set was $5.99 and the vase was $9.99…all from Ross!

Another rooster rug was found at Walmart, both rooster rugs are made by BHG productions and were $9.99. It’s just inside our garage entry next to our laundry area. The artwork on it is exception.

OK, did I prove that I am or am not a rooster fan? There is a “Rooster Mania” going on today! Hope you enjoy it all!

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31 Responses to Roosters Presented By Helen’s Decor

  1. I have that rug Helen! you have a great selection/collection of roosters. Fun party, glad you joined mine too.

    • Debbie, you know you and Farica are largely responsible for the “Rooster Mania” as I have started calling it. Thanks for all you do for all bloggers, but especially for “newbies” like me!

  2. Hi Helen! Oh, look at your chicks and roos! I love your Rooster rugs! I could use a couple of those! Thank you so much for coming to my party.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. Wonderful collection – I especially like the handsome fella on the vase.

  4. This is a nice collection!

  5. Hi Helen, funny how things go out of style and come back again. I was watching an old episode of Bewitched and in Samantha’s foyer was a ceramic rooster. Go figure! It reminded me of you girls and roostermania.

    • Hi Janice, glad to see you stopped by. And yes, it seems to be true that, “everything old is new again,” except my tired feet. (Too much shopping today!) Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Helen, I thought I was not a rooster fan until Sheila had her rooster and hen party. I started finding poultry all over the house.
    Love your collection, especially the rooster by the refrigerator. BTW, we have the same refrigerator. The harlequin designs are good, real good!
    I hopped over from Debbiedoos. I am a new follower. Please come by to see my latest post, roosters, and sign up for my giveaway. Come soon, it ends tonight.

    • Hi Savannah Granny, Thanks for your kindness. I’ll be over to see you tonight. I need to see those roosters and sign up for the giveaway! Visit often. Thanks!

  7. Helen, I tried again and it seems to have worked. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Hi Helen, I had a hard time finding youyr blog as you only have it under the blogs you follow! But I did find it now! Love your roos! Thanks for following me. I will follow you back! XO, Pinky

    • Hi Pinky, thanks for the info. I’ve been clicking bloggers’ names to find them and it has taken me directly to them. I’m learning, so anything that works is almost accidental. Glad you liked the roos. I enjoyed your blue and white and just looked and cannot see where I commented. What can I say, I’m still a Newbie! Thanks for being a follower.

  9. What great Roo’s you have. Isn’t it amazing how they just keep multiplying. I’m loving the big white guy….he would look great in my home!
    Marianne :)

  10. Haha! I grew up around roosters too so it has taken me a while to jump on the rooster train. Very cute though.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Oh my gosh.. I soooooooo need those kitchen rugs Helen.. gonna run to the walmart site when I get done here..
    Sorry it took me so long to get here to your part of the Roo Party Sheila hosted.. I still have 21sites to visit but I’m determined to see and comment on them all:) may take me till october lol..

    Your site looks so pretty and one of these dys when I have more time I’ll go to each of your posts so I can get a better view of your home.

    Thanks for being such a great pal. Its always a joy to see ya.
    I do BELIEVE you are mega ROO fan for sure..


    • Sonny, hope you found the rugs on the site. BTW, they were in my local WM. You’re welcome, but you are so helpful, that many of us have stayed due in large part to your helpful ways. Hmm, ya think so? “Mega ROO fan”…me? Who knew!!! Thanks for locating me at #113!

  12. All the roosters look really fun! Good luck with your Rooster Mania! I’m a new follower.

  13. Helen, I am your newest follower. Love, love, love the roosters!

  14. Great roosters.

  15. I absolutely love that rug. I was terrified of roosters as a child as I lived on a ranch we had a mean rooster. He would spot me a mile away and come and attack me – but I have got to say – I am lovin’ your rooster decor despite my childhood fears :)

    • Sue, which of the rooster rugs is your favorite? I love both, but the one with the Harlequin diamonds is my favorite. I did see it recently at my Walmart. Good luck. Thanks for following me. I’m following you, too or will be soon as I check!

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