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Ross Dress For Less Shopping By Helen Again And Again

One day last week, I convinced Bob to go shopping with me. Actually, after many trips, to Ross Dress for Less in our area of Tennessee, searching for one particular item caused me to get excited to find more of that item. Finally, I located another one in Alabama, and then tried the home area shops again. Nothing! With hope disappearing, I was a desperate woman and then did what most of you would do. Finally, went online searching for Ross Dress for Less and was amazed that there was such a website. Did you know and not share it? Please, tell me “no way” and I’ll believe you really didn’t. I honestly had no clue..remember I was desperate! It is a lovely website http://www.rossstores.com ! You can look at the top right for Store Locations, complete with addresses, phones, hours, and believe me it solved my problem.

Actually, Bob knew how many searches, that I’ve made for the perfect garden seat; therefore, he almost naturally walked to the far back wall on the left side and there sat this gorgeous Oil Rubbed Bronze garden seat! Yes, gorgeous and I left it there painfully so! See the photos…it is gorgeous, just not the one!!!

We left only to shop at one more Ross after we had lunch at “Chappy’s On Church” located on Church Street near Baptist Hospital. “Trout Long Beach” was as fabulous as it was on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Long Beach prior to Hurricane Katrina. It’s surely missed in Long Beach, Mississippi, but Nashville appears to love it and we are thrilled for Chappy and his family to be in our state.

Hopefully, this week my tablescape will be completed and ready to show y’all. In the second Nashville area Ross, there were 2 more of the items I needed. Sincerely, I can say that the employees at the Hermitage, TN, Ross and the ones at the “100 Oaks Shopping Center” in Nashville were courteous and glad to help me find what I wanted. Also, Ross Dress for Less has a great atmosphere for those of us who are real fans. Hi to my new friend, Michelle, who was shopping while I was in the Hermitage Ross…she loves it and shared other locations with me. It was a fun day all around for Bob and me…we love Nashville…it is fabulous to visit or live there!

Thanks for visiting…please leave a message…let me know if you are a Ross fan, too!

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22 Responses to Ross Dress For Less Shopping By Helen Again And Again

  1. Wow, Helen, you were on a mission!! Of course, I know how it is, when you have your mind set on that one particular thing! LOL!!! I love Ross for inexpensive home accessories; and they are about to open a new one within 10 minutes of my home. I can hardly wait!

    • Yes, Shenita, that’s the right description for my madness! Oh, I have a history of strange missions like that! Maybe someday I’ll share that story….all true! We share a love of Ross and while inexpensive, I find the quality to be better than some expensive shops. I used to think they only got new shipments one day per week, not so…recently was told they have a truck there to unload 5 days a week. You are going to be there daily for a while…I’m betting. Thanks for visiting. Helen

  2. Helen, I love Ross also. I have actually found a few great deals there on home decor. They have just opened a new one location about five minutes from our home, but have not had the chance yet to go check it out. I am so glad you and Bob had a great time on your outing!

    • Maria, I have bought lots of decor items at Ross Dress for Less, too. You are so lucky to have one nearby. The only one nearby is 20 miles away. Might be safer than if there were a few nearby!! Nashville is a wonderful city to visit and enjoy…we love it! Thanks for dropping by, Helen

  3. Whenever I vising Georgia I make it a point to go to Ross, they have some neat stuff and I always walk out with something. I guess I never knew they offered online shopping, thanks for the eyeopener.

    • Sherry, Ross does have great shopping, but not online yet that I know of. Their website shows photos of items, but the real help for me last week was the “Store Locations” and that is a huge help going from out-of-town on a hunt for what I had to have. Check it out….who knows maybe they read blogs and will realize we’d love to shop online with them. Thanks for that thought you gave me, Helen

  4. I love your find. Great bargain.


  5. That ia a great find! Thanx for coming to THT.

  6. A women with a mission! I know that oh so well. Great find. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo

  7. Hi Helen! Nothing like knowing what you want and going after it! No! I did not know Ross had a web site! I love Ross and have given them quite a bit of Mr. Precious’ money in the past few years! :)
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me and hope you’re doing wonderfully.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

    • Hi Shelia, Ross Dress For Less does have a great website. I need to explore it more thoroughly myself. I was so desperate to find that one item and was pleased to simply have the locations listed and also, I was able to click and have the addresses sent as a text to my Droid Razr. Great feature, that I had not seen on any stores website. I actually had 6 of their stores’ addresses and phone numbers send as a text to me. They accumulated in one bundle, even though they arrived separately. Love that for convenience. I’ll certainly do it anytime, that I go shopping in a large metro area. That was a great time saver! Thanks. Helen

  8. I am a huge fan of Ross and have found many great bargains there. You were right in my neck of the woods! I shop at the 100 Oaks and Brentwood Ross all the time, but have been known to drive all over town to find a second something. If you ever need me to look for something, let me know. I pass 100 Oaks on my way home everyday.

    • Dianne, it’s a small world! Thanks for your kind offer…fortunately, Bob and I love Nashville and it was nice to return to Chappy’s On Church. It’s a great city for sure. Thanks again, Helen

  9. A beautiful find! Thank you for joining TTF. Have a great day.

  10. This is gorgeous – love Ross! Fantastic find! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Kathy, I totally agree with you on the beauty of this ORB garden seat. Ross has had many unique styles of garden seats this season. I’m kicking myself for allowing the one I really wanted to get away from my site. Sadly, there has yet to be another one. Lesson learned…if ever one shows up again, I’ll ask for assistance from the security staff and hope they will agree to carry it to my car when I drive up. (The day, I saw it I was shopping alone.) Thanks, Helen

  11. I love the prices at Ross, but I rarely find anything in the store near my house. It must be a pretty hot spot because it seems to stay picked over. I’ll keep trying though. Love the garden seat – too bad it wasn’t “just right”!

    • Suzy, The prices are such a bargain, that I often check back again soon, if I miss an item that was a HOT deal. I recently heard that they actually get deliveries 5 weekdays. That makes 4 more days of deliveries than I had heard a good while ago. I even have called to inquire if they have received any more and have had the Ross employees to be very courteous and helpful in letting me know. For example, one item I was searching desperately for, was not as hot as Halloween items; therefore, it likely would arrive later than the ghosts, etc. It saved my time racing back and forth. My nearest Ross is about 20 miles away. The home decor is tops and I’ve found very good name brand shoes and shoulder bags. Nautica men’s shorts were better priced at Ross than the identical pair from other discount shops in the same week in Mobile, Alabama! Tuesday is Senior Day with a discount. I did notice that the clothing line is looking great, too, in ladies dresses. I’d love to go with you to the furniture markets, Suzy! Talk about fun! Thanks, Helen

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