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Screened Porches Are Made For Decorating

Have you ever wondered why anyone, who has a nice screened porch would hesitate to make it an extension of their home’s living space? Well, yes, I’m guessing we all have or now that we think about it. Huh?

Always in my mind, there were to be lots of plants and especially ferns hanging in those back corners of the porch! It kept sitting there eating at me. And then it was like a today is the day moment. There had to be more things. Even when I was buying a few things here and there…that porch was right in the middle of it. Just couldn’t let go of the ideas. Yes, even when I bought that small table, that doubles as a stool at time, I still thought it will land on that very porch or else! Or else what? It fit perfectly in our “pool powder room” off our deck. Finally a year or more ago, it moved to the porch…never to return to that powder room.

That stool/table sits right in front of the “Red Cabinet” and even acts as a support to keep the right door open during special times. Usually, with a plant on top. See this link:

Maybe after viewing the above link, you’re thinking that I really meant it when I said more was needed/wanted. Yes, and still there’s another item or two that would be great to have. One is to have outdoor carpet laid on the floor. Painting it is too much maintenance. Outdoor carpet is much easier to clean year round; especially during pollen weeks!!

Here’s three great looking garden seats, that I am considering. The one that joins the porch might push that stool/table to another location.

Enlarge by clicking

Each of the three are from Ross Dress For Less, which is a great shop for many decor items as well as clothes, shoes, etc. Which one would you choose for my porch? Would you try more than one out? Would love to hear your thoughts. Like the old stool still works great..skip the garden seat! The timing is right as 2 of the 3 are on sale this week probably won’t last long. Squeal tires if you want one, but do be careful driving, please!!!
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25 Responses to Screened Porches Are Made For Decorating

  1. I like them all but the green one caught my eye most..


    • Hi Sonny, I’m thinking I would have guessed you would say, “green” as I think it is one of your favorite accent colors. Love it, too. Thanks for visiting as always, Helen

  2. Tami @ Curb Alert!

    Oh Helen! They are all beautiful but my favorite is the blue one! Of course any one would be lovely on your porch! :)

    • Oh Tami, I think you love the blue for the sky and the water around you. The blue is a great looking seat, for sure. And the one with the fish on the blue is unique. Thanks for your choice. Helen

  3. Hi there, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment :)
    Greetings from Australia?

    • Pernilla, it’s terrific to chat with you all the way from Australia! I’m sending you and y’all come from Tennessee. I think I read that it’s not your summer season. Loved visitng your blog! Thank you for your kindness, Helen

  4. Helen it is beautiful! You are lucky to have this wonderful outdoor space! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  5. Helen, I’d added the rug you are thinking about. I just added rugs to my front porch and it made a big difference. Just make sure you get one large enough to make a statement. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

    • Hi Laura, I also have a rug on our front porch. Actually, we plan to have outdoor carpet laid rather than have rugs. When we moved here there was carpet on the porch and it was super easy to clean and we loved it. I’ll post photos when we get it installed. Thanks, Helen

  6. What a lovely porch. Love the furniture and those Sunflowers are just great.


  7. I love the colors and design of the third garden seat!

    Thank you for stopping by All Natural Katie!

    • All Natural Katie, I’m with you on that one; although, I’m liking all 3 garden seats. Thanks for dropping by and giving your opinion. You’re welcome on my stop at your blog. Thanks again, Helen

  8. Beautiful! I’ve been asking my husband about screening in our back patio…he’s not sure about it. perhaps your lovely post will encourage him. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky Party. I hope you have a wonderful week xo

    • Katherine, if you are in a home you plan to stay in a few years, I’d recommend it. When I was a child in Texas, we had a large covered front porch, that was such fun to play “dolls” on with my best friend, Margaret. That porch has great memories for me, even though I’ve never stepped back on it since we sold it to move several states away. And now, the memories of our back porch, that my husband, son, his family, and I have shared for years are wonderful times with friends. I love porches and decks, too. Thanks for hosting and dropping by. Helen

  9. Helen–what a beautiful porch you have! I wish I had one…they truly are an extension of your home and living space. Have a fabulous 4th and thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

    • Mary, thanks for your lovely remarks about our porch. Yes, we really enjoy it as often as we can If was a pleasure to link with Share the Love Wednesday. Thanks for having it. Helen

  10. I agree Helen, screened porches are definitely extensions of the home and should be decorated beautifully – love your Ross finds!
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Kathy, I totally agree with you and it sounds as if you are another Ross fan, too! I so much enjoy Home and Garden Thursday. Hope to be back posting in it next week. Thanks, Helen

  11. Hi Helen,
    I vote for the green garden stool. I had no idea that Ross had them so thanks for sharing that bit of info. We have an outdoor carpet on our front porch. We bought it at Lowes and it still looks good after 3 years of wear. Unfortunately, it is glued to the concrete so I have no idea how we will get it up if we ever want to replace it!

    • Hey Jane, that’s 2 votes for the green. You and Sonny! Actually, Ross had them last year and get this Big Lots had them a couple of years ago. So, if you’re searching for one, it pays to check for them at many local places. Your porch is covered; therefore, I’m thinking it will last a long time. Hope so. Thanks for stopping by. Tell Leo, “hi” for me. Thanks, Helen

  12. Hi Helen,

    This looks like a grand trip!! Such a generous anniversary gift to you and your husband; you must have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law. Your pictures capture the lovely blue sky and water so well.

    Thanks for becoming a new follower on my blog; I’m now following your blog, as well. :) Hope you have a great week!


    • Hi Denise, It really was a terrific time. The 3 guys had bikes rented to ride and loved that. The grands, our d-i-l and I did a craft taught at the resort one day…my key ring turned out the worst of the 4! It’s amazing to be transported to another world in 2 1/2 hours Beautiful for sure! They are always very generous! It was a great celebration for 8 days! :) Thanks for following….I look forward to knowing you better. Helen

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