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Searching For Your Home Or Porch

containerplants1Welcome to my porch and OK, there are other rooms inside, but there were more interesting things outside. Yes, we knew we really wanted a pool and it was an extra bonus that this house had the pool and also had a large screened in porch. Oh, my goodness, we had very little furniture for the porch …nothing at first, but webbed folding outdoor chairs! And there was that old green plastic table and chairs, that I now refer to as my potting table. Yes, that’s not there year round, but I still use it with newspaper covering it to plant our deck baskets and a few large pots of impatiens mixed with ferns and marigolds. Here’s a photo about a year after we moved in…see the wicker settee, 2 arms chairs, and a coffee table…that was it. backporch-1 The truth is we were thrilled to have that seating for the porch and still have the wicker..about to see its final days…but has served us well even though now on its third set of cushions.

When I was a child in Texarkana, Texas, we had a large covered front porch…it was concrete and on rainy days, my best friend, Margaret Ann, and I could play with our dolls without getting wet. That was the kind of porch that I dreamed of having for my grandchildren. One to play dolls or trucks and have an impromptu picnic on the porch. So time passed and we found a great deal on a cast aluminum rectangular table and a bistro table with 6 chairs at our local Sam’s Club. Maybe secretly, I wanted to have that large table on that porch for fun times with our family. Well, everyone in our home was not so excited over having that large rectangular table there. Then the day came for us to have our deck top removed and a new one put down. That’s when my team won..so to speak. Bob agreed to help me get that table inside the screened porch. And then we loved not having everything flying around us as on the deck…and there was that wonderful ceilng fan whirling away the fun hours. Finally, it was my dream of a lifetime. Nothing but joy!

The focal point of our porch is the red cabinet, that Bob’s grandfather’s uncle built many, many years ago. Based on bits and pieces of family information, we have concluded that it is at least a hundred years old. Actually, it was in a dark corner of Bob’s parents’ utility room holding items like sprinklers and hose. Also, it was a dull army green. When we pulled it out of that corner, we loved it and that it was in surprisingly great condition considering it had been basically in all kinds of weather…no heat or air conditioning. After being hidden for decades, we chose to make it the star of the porch and painted it red to match our shutters and exterior doors. We store only fun and/or pretty items there. The doors are often open as you see in this past Christmas’ photo, and it is filled with game boards, books, beach towels, those yellow roses in a vase our son made in elementary school, and several gifts from friends. It feels great to see how it looks and know there will be fun times shared with it.


Always in my dreams for the porch was to have ferns dripping down in the West side corners. I hope you’ll visit here this summer when they are out on the porch again. The photo below is of the South view from the porch. porchview2012
Please note that the top two photos were from the early years. Thanks for visiting our porch! Remember to click the underlined note above to see many more detailed photos of our porch…it’s a fun porch!
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14 Responses to Searching For Your Home Or Porch

  1. Helen, you know I have always loved your outdoor space! The porch is gorgeous and the red cabinet is just icing on the cake! Love the picture of the pool with all the pots of flowers. Soon it will be warm enough for you guys to enjoy it again!

    • Oh Maria, I do wish it were that soon that great weather would arrive. Actually, we had an early April SNOW one year! LOL, I was in shock when I looked out the window and saw it. And yes, it was very rare, but it has happened. Thanks for your great thoughts…hope our weather will be great soon. We have more snow on the way this week!!

  2. Oh I love your porch , it is wonderful and the hutch is so pretty. Your pool looks so inviting with all the lovely flowers. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, I’m so happy that you love it, too. It really was an outdoor dream to have the areas that came with this house. Container plants are the way we are able to enjoy our time outside instead of weeding flower beds! I always enjoy your TTT, Marty. Thanks for hosting it for all of us to enjoy. Hugs, Helen

  3. Hi Helen! Oh, I love your porches and decks and I’m sure your family really uses them in the warmer months. I know exactly the kind of porch you’re talking about. I loved those too and played on them in the rain and thought how wonderful it was to watch the rain and not get wet.
    Thanks for popping in to see me and I agree – those were the most delicious cokes in those little green bottles.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Hi Shelia, We loved the house and then we saw the backyard areas and were sold. And yes, our grandchildren now love to be in that pool and we love being there with them. You know, that’s another reason to have the dining table inside the porch…in case of a sudden rain. Thanks for visiting.

  4. You have truly love spaces, both on the porch and on the deck! I was born a Southern girl and remember my grandparents’ big screened porch — wonderful place to play or just hang out! I adore all of your flower baskets on the deck rails.

    • Hi Carol, thanks for visiting today. Our grandchildren really enjoy the porch, like I did as a child; especially having a tea party with orange juice and muffins…no tea!! Glad you dropped by. Thanks, Helen

  5. Margaret Cardwell

    Hi Helen, I certainly do remember the wonderful times that we spent on your front porch! There are so many memories of us that I keep in my heart. Your porch and pool are beautiful. I know you must relish every moment with your grandchildren…making memories for them.
    Love ya,Margaret “Ann”

    • Oh, Margaret, you remember our fun days…let’s keep it our secret how long ago those years were! I remember all the fun and how I wished you had been moving with us to Alabama! Thanks for your lovely moments and all your memories. I think of you whenever our grandchildren are on the porch with me. Thanks so very much for your lovely words. BTW, I’m sure you are the best teacher your students will ever have.
      Love, Helen

  6. Helen I love your porch! We plan on building one soon and I can’t wait! And what a wonderful find in that cabinet and I love the color.
    Peggy~PJH Designs

    • Peggy, you just made my day/night! I can hardly wait to see your porch, when it is completed and you have all your fun decor on it. Glad you love the red on the cabinet on our porch. It is by Colonial Williamsburg and is called Palace Arms Red. It goes well with our taupe and almond trim. See pix on my blog FB page for front view! Thanks for the parties, Helen

  7. What a beautiful porch and backyard! I love your red hutch and how you styled it. And, I can’t wait for it to be warm enough here to take a dip in the pool!

    • Thanks, Becca, I appreciate your lovely remarks. Oh, that makes two of us. We are probably about 2 to 3 months away from swimming. You should see it now, all wrapped up for winter…not a pretty site. We love it and enjoy having that heater as it sits down in mountain rock!
      Thanks, Helen

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