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Shall We Look For Blue In My Home

blue2_20130322Hi there! First off, do you love blue? If so, do you love it unconditionally? Hmmm, you’re wondering what I had for dinner that caused me to ask that weird question about BLUE! Notice the blue pitchers on the mantle…how did that happen? That’s the once “ugliest fireplace ever”…really it was awful.

The truth is that I once wore more blue clothes than anyone I knew…ages ago in high school. Maybe I burned myself out on blue…can one really do such a thing? I grabbed the challenge today and thought where would I find blue in this house. OK, Bob and I each have a few clothes that have blue in them or are solids. Yes, solid blue is on my side of the closet more than I realized. And no, I’m not showing that area of the master suite..somethings ya just don’t want to see. Check out this photo and see where you see the blue…not the dust…the blues, please!
blue4_20130322 OK, we’re all standing in the foyer of my home. What do you see with blue. It’s not the large mirror, that we are the third generation in Bob’s family to have it to enjoy. And it isn’t the credenza (maybe I didn’t look close enough…hmm). Just look at the lavender and blue…light blue flowers sitting right there in plain view. And you might have to click the photo 2 or more times to zoom in to see the other blue location. Give up…of course it’s the blue on the platter near the verge!
blue6_20130322 On the electrified tank lamp, take a look at that globe and the pale blue daisy…maybe not a daisy, but we can call it that!blue3_20130322 I think you might recall this photo from my recent post about the landing upstairs above our family room. More blue flowers…yeah, sure I don’t do blue! How did all this blue enter my home without my knowledge? You do recall, that I once loved blue to the point where Mother would plead with me not to get any more blue in my wardrobe! I’m thinking this post is telling me I still love blue! And in truth, I must admit I’m loving it more all the time. My friends win this one. Thanks, Helen

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy these blog parties, too.

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14 Responses to Shall We Look For Blue In My Home

  1. Helen, what beautiful vignettes! I love, love the blue touches on your mantle! The pitcher is so pretty!

    • Hi Maria, Thank you very much for liking the blue, that I thought I didn’t love anymore. And in truth I know I really do! Thanks for the lovely remarks. Helen

  2. Love the pitchers! As you know , I have a blue & white guest room.

    • Hi Glenda, yes, your guest room is beautiful, like all rooms in your home. BTW, my office gave me the speckled blue pitcher, when I moved to Tennessee.

  3. I’ve always liked blue. I have it in my foyer. Not everything blue but here and there blue for me. Love your vignettes. Visiting over from Tuesday at our Home.
    Happy Spring.

    The French Hutch

  4. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for stopping by Maison de Pax! I love your thoughts on blue and the danger of overdoing it… I have always worn a lot of blue, and right now I’m struggling not to make my entire house blue! I think your small touches are lovely. :)

    • Hi Rachel, Go glad you dropped by to express your feelings about “blue”…yeah, I guess I did overdo it a bit in my teen years. Truthfully now, I might be feeling drawn a bit to a navy blue bedroom…just not quite there yet! Thanks for visiting, Helen

  5. Hi Helen! Love your pretty vignettes and I spy lots of pretty blue too! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Hi Shelia, Thanks for the compliments on the vignettes…and suddenly I also found the blue in my vignettes, that I had not even realized. A touch of blue wins here! 😉

  6. Pretty blue pieces are popping up in all your wonderful vignettes! I find I’ve grown more & more partial to blue over the years as well.

    • Hi Gina, Like you said…it’s true…blue is “popping up” in places I had not thought about it. What was I thinking…think now, I must have loved each of the colors in the items that had the blues. Honestly, I wasn’t aware how much I truly do appreciate blue! Thanks for visiting.

  7. Hi Helen,

    My favorite color is blue so I love everything, but I really love the globe. Thanks for sharing at Transformed Tuesday this week.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

    • Hey Peggy, Blue is really in this year.

      Hi Peggy, Blues are always good! I’m starting to add more blue clothes,too. LOL@about that globe…it has a bit of family history. I’ll save that bit of triva for another day! Of course, a family member might not like the idea of sharing it. 😉 I always enjoy Transformed Tuesday, too.

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