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Shopping For New Easter Decorations

” />Wow! Suddenly winter slipped away and now the leaves are on our trees and shrubs. Personally, I could not be more thrilled to see an early spring! It was a joy to snap photos at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store the other day. Just a few photos to get y’all ready for Easter.

Isn’t that a great bunny? It makes me feel like a child awaiting Easter! Great fun and times. I’m loving the bunny cookie jar and all the eggs and egg cups. You name it they have it at Cracker Barrel this Easter season.

Notice the dragon fly plates and Mr. Owl. Are you ready to go have lunch and shop? It’s about to happen to some of us…just feel it! You know who you are…dear friends!

Are these the cutest decorations you’ve seen for Easter and did you just happen to see some are already reduced 25%? Are you thinking these are a deal? Love the daisy plates and those butterfly plates are trying to go home with me…after lunch that is. How about the piggy-back frog fountain? Adorable says it all. Hope you enjoy lunch and shopping! Thanks for visiting Helen’s Decor!

Fun to visit lots of blogs and participate in the excitement. Below are blogs I’ll be linking to this week. Hope you enjoy the fun, too!


Special thanks to Debbiedoos for all the friendship and help she has given me since my very first visit to her Newbie Party. No question is too hard for her to answer…you’re an inspiration, Debbie! Thanks for having the grads back for a par-tay as you say!

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  1. Helen. what beautiful Spring decor! We are meeting our brother and his family tomorrow at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, so I think we will be going a little earlier so I can do a little looking around! :) Thanks for sharing these great pictures!

    • Maria, I’m not surprised that you like CB’s spring decor. BTW, what a great family gathering. You ladies can shop away instead of cooking. Can’t wait to see what caught your eye most! :)

  2. Hi Helen

    The weather has been crazy here in SW Ontario too – can’t keep up with the garden and think I may actually have to cut the grass – never been done in March before!!! Love visiting Cracker Barrel anytime, but when it’s decked out in spring it’s great.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog project and leaving a comment on my spring wreath.

    • Hi Heather, it sounds like weather that we have had for several days…either so gorgeous or storming. We are planning to re-do our deck boxes soon. We prefer those kind of plants as they don’t have to be weeded. Good luck with your new home….it’s lovely!

  3. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  4. Oh my goodness. I think you found the treasure trove of decor and cute pieces. Love it. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, your description, of the Easter decor in the store,says it all. That’s exactly what I thought upon first laying eyes on all those amazing pieces. I think the quality is better than they’ve had. And the prices were great.
      Thanks for visiting,

  5. Helen, my daughter and I had breakfast at Cracker Barrel over the weekend. I could have browsed for hours!! Their Easter decor was just amazing!! I love all of their seasonal decor, year ’round. They always have the most beautiful ceramic pieces!!

    • Shenita, how fun, that you had your daughter with you to browse. Bob was with me…you know how excited guys get over more dishes! HaHa! Not really. My camera/phone just had to snap and go. That fountain with the frogs piggy back keeps calling my name. Thanks, Helen

  6. Hi Helen, so happy you joined the reunion party. Nice to have you. It is also nice to see how much you are enjoying blogging and sharing. Keep it up, and have fun. I love this time of year and all the fun color decor.

    • Debbie, there was no way, that I could have missed the reunion. I’m so happy that you invited me about this time last year. BTW, one of your blogs, that I read first was when you had painted your bench. I knew then, you were a bench person, too. Thanks for being a helpful friend. Helen

  7. Thank you for joining Your Cozy Home Party. I love shopping at Cracker Barrel for Christmas decorations but I haven’t been in to see the Easter goodies. Guess I need to make a quick trip over there. Nice to have you at the party and hope you will come again.———- Shannon

  8. I was so ready for spring! Looks like some fun items at CB! Thanks for Linky Following…I followed back. Thanks for sharing at the Rock ‘N Share!

  9. Nice post! I am trying to follow you come ans re follow me I too lost all my followers had to start blog over added a 3 to my name I signed up with the link waiting for e mail back

    • Joann, hope your received my email. When I tried to reply it told me the account was closed or some similar wording. I copied and pasted it into the email that I sent you. Hope this gets straightened out for all of us soon. Good luck! Thanks for visiting, Helen

  10. Thank you so much for visiting my blog…so glad to have you there! I am now a follower. Patsy

  11. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for showing some of those Easter decorations that are at Cracker Barrel. I have not been there this spring to see what they have. I’m thinking that I need to eat there very soon!

    • Hi Jane, you’re welcome! All I can say is be ready to see so much that you are overwhelmed by it. I don’t recall a spring when there was this much at Cracker Barrel. I’d love to hear if you selected any neat kids items. Thanks for stopping by, Helen

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