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Shopping For The Flowers And Ferns For Summertime

Happy days have arrived…it’s feeling great outside! Not only that, it’s looking gorgeous with all the beautiful trees. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore leaves? Here’s what is going on around our home. Bob and I could hardly wait to hit the nurseries to find the plants for this special summer. Here’s a preview of what is coming soon to our deck, porch and maybe one or two hanging baskets.

Notice on the cart are lots of marigolds, impatiens, ferns…large and small ones. You name it, we checked it out. This year we are going with surprise or not…RED, WHITE, AND BLUE as our theme colors.

We can never get enough of the beautiful plants we love…just don’t have time or space for much more than we loaded in my car Monday. We have found that the best things for getting our plants established and healthy is the Miracle Grow you see in our trunk. It’s time released and prevents the plants from drying out. Love it! Once in a while we might be gone a week or a few days and we have always returned to healthy plants.

Look at that huge mess on our back screened porch. Hey! It’s been cleaned once already! The pollen has been awful. Bob washed it down and we still have some around and in the air. You will see my old trusty plastic table…affectionately known as my “potting table” sitting right below that wonderful ceiling fan. It takes several hours to get the many kinds of plants divided and arranged into the 12 large deck boxes and one large pot along with several regular size pots. We did have to replace all 12 deck boxes this year.

Don’t you just love Spring? This year we purchased Vinca, which is a new plant to us. We’re planting it in the extra large empty pot you saw recently beside our gate…yes, the one with the red, white, and blue butterfly! We also are hanging a beautiful red geranium at the corner of our deck nearest the gate…actually from the overhang at the end of the house.


Hopefully next week, you will be able to see some progress on our porch!

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10 Responses to Shopping For The Flowers And Ferns For Summertime

  1. Oh, Helen, these are going to look gorgeous on your porch!!!
    I love the ferns! This year, I want some! LOL

    • Maria, you have more than one perfect location with your covered porches. I can just visualize each area with ferns dripping out of the hanging baskets. I agree…this is the year you really must have them. LOL! Thanks for visiting, Helen

  2. Hi Helen! What beautiful plants you’ve found. Can’t wait to see them all Helened up!
    I’ve never seen the Yardley in liquid but if I see it, I’ll let you know!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

    • Hi Shelia, That’s what worries me….getting “them all Helened up” as you wrote! Yardley lavender in liquid form is at every Outback Steakhouse. At least the ones, where we have dined. Sometimes in a pour style and other times with the pump. Also found it available from a general store in the North a couple of years or so ago. Shipping was too high for me to consider ordering it. Probably would cost more than the product. Thanks, Helen

  3. So pretty! I need to go out and get some myself! It is just sooo hot already. Thanx for sharing at THT!

  4. You’re right – that is such an amazing color! Red, white and blue is a favorite color combo of mine and for some reason I never think to use it except around July 4th. The butterfly on your gate is perfect!

    • Hi Suzy, that butterfly was not staying at Ross…I needed it! And after it was on the gate, I felt we had to have the red begonia.
      Thanks, Helen

  5. I do love springtime! Love finding gorgeous flowers and filling baskets and the garden with their beauty! Such Fun!
    I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday

    • Kathy, you’ve met your match as far as loving springtime! I often walk from room to room checking the trees through windows just looking for the first tiny hint of a leaf forming. I am not a winter person at all. Bring on spring and summer! I’m just about to go to the screened porch and arrange more impatiens in 2 pots. Tempted to go to the nursery for more geraniums….red of course!!! Thanks, Helen

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