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Shopping In Cozumel For Silver Trays

You’ve got to see this silver to believe it! It actually is as beautiful as you see it here. This is the same shop, where I snapped the photo of the large metal butterfly. You might recall, it had blues and also hints of pumpkin colors, that would work well for fall. BTW, Bob and I have decided that butterfly is possibly twice as large as the one on our gate now. I don’t know if you can take it on the cruise ships or not. We had flown; therefore, we knew we had no way to carry anything that large.

Hoping this post excites you about all that awaits you in gorgeous Cozumel. It was relaxing and fun. We found the people to be very friendly and helpful. My daughter-in-law and I had loads of fun shopping beachside one afternoon for jewelry! The jewelry was reasonable and negotiable and we did manage to get a few deals.

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8 Responses to Shopping In Cozumel For Silver Trays

  1. Great silver trays. Rooster one is fab!!!

    • Linda, they could stop traffic on that street across from the marina. It’s near where the cruise ships come in and folks could easily shop there and have a nice dinner nearby. Some of the ships are only there about 3 hours, but shopping is an option! :)

  2. What gorgeous trays! I bet the shops are fabulous! I love the ones with the rooster!

    • Maria, to tell you the truth, we rarely had time to shop….hmmm, maybe the men had that planned! We had just a very relaxing 8 days of family time. I snapped these photos on our last full day. The turkey platter really wanted to go home with me!

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful selection of trays. I would want them all. Thanks for joining TTT.

    • Marty, they are really lovely. I did have a hard time leaving the turkey platter. Couldn’t figure out a way to take it on the plane. It was a great family trip…we loved it. You’re welcome, Marty…I always enjoy TTT.

  4. Those are gorgeous!

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