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Silver Adds Pizzazz To This Texas Mantle

Today, we often hear a lot of talk about items people like to include in their mantle decorations.  We’re viewing another long time Texas friend’s mantle.  Betty enjoys adding silver items to hers.  You might see trays, pitchers, you name it.

Betty and I have shopped our way from Tennessee to Texas many times, and even shopped at a great Street Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia, in the Fall of 2010. (Soon, I’ll show what I bought there.) A few years ago, we were in New Orleans and ran ourselves ragged finding the “thrift store”…I was driving and neither of us knew where we were. Suddenly, we arrived at one great gold mine of silver…silver mine. There is no telling how much silver was just there lying around the shop. Beautiful silver and Betty and I often agree that we should have given the guy our top price and maybe he would have taken us up on the deal.

The first two photos are a sample of how her mantle is at times other than the special seasonal arrangements. The other two are of this past Christmas mantle. Betty and her husband, Jim, share a love of antiques and you must see the gorgeous armoire to the left side of the room in the full view photo. And yes, you are right….these friends are terrific grandparents and that is the toy corner you are seeing. This truly is a family room to live in and enjoy laughter of the grands, fireside chats, or relax with a great book in comfortable chairs.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing the unique way Betty arranges her mantle. And we are both loving the silver with patina on it!

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24 Responses to Silver Adds Pizzazz To This Texas Mantle

  1. its beautiful, Helen.. thats an amazing fireplace..its surely the focal point of the room.

  2. Sonny, I had a feeling you would like it. Thanks for

  3. Helen, what a beautiful mantle and living room!!!
    I love the wood trim all around the windows. Gorgeous!

  4. Very nice! Love the red that you incorporated! Please come and link up at my place next Wednesday and show her off!

  5. Wow! That room is impressive! The high vaulted ceilings, the large fireplace and beautiful woodwork is stunning. Of course everything is bigger here in Texas and this room definitely lives up to it.

    • Tami, you surely have a great eye for woodwork..I’ll never forget the beauty of the woodwork in your home either. I know the homes are lovely in that area of Texas for sure…love it. Thanks!

  6. Hi! I love the room and I love the clock on the mantle. The mantle looks lovely. I am following you now. Pat

    • Hi Pat and thanks for following! The room has many lovely antiques and there is a walk-in wet bar, near the armoire, that is gorgeous. The clock is an antique German box clock from about 1900. Thanks again, Helen

  7. I can see why you are so into mantles–you have a beautiful livingroom–massive high fireplace gives yoou a great focal point. Thanks for following my blog! I am now going to follow yours–I have never followed someone before that’s not on blogspot so I’ll see how it works! Have a great day!

    • Sandy, you’re very welcome. Thanks for following mine, too. It appears to have worked well. You might want to read it again–it’s my friends’ home. :)

  8. Hi Helen! Thanks for sharing this beautiful mantel with us! It involves all my favorites: Texans, mantels and silver! I love the every day, but the Christmas is really stunning. Christmas is another favorite!! And, your shopping adventures sound wonderful! It’s hard to find good shopping friends. You’d better hold onto her!

    Thank you SO much for linking up to my first party!! You’re a great bloggy friend!! :)

    • Emily, I had feeling you would love this mantel/mantle….have you ever seen one you didn’t love? I mean you are the one with 52 mantels!
      I also love the silver on Betty’s mantle. I’ve now shown the mantle of 2 of my shopping friends. I’m glad to have been involved in your first party….you are a sweetheart! Thanks, Helen

  9. I love your entire Texas room!!! The silver is a great touch. My daughter has a blog called 52 Mantels. She just started a permanent link to mantels today. She also does a different mantel each week. Here is the link, if you are interested.
    Hey, thanks for sharing with Tuesday’s Tasty Tidbits. Since I added crafts and such to my blog party, I guess I ought to change the name but….oh, well…haha

    • Hi Susan, I met Emily a few months ago and I do follow her blog, too. Y’all are wonderful! Glad you enjoyed seeing Betty and Jim’s family room. I’ll pass along yourcompliments. Thanks, Helen

  10. I adore silver, I feel it never goes out of style. Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday!

    • Carrie, I agree with you and I do feel the same way about brass! I’m looking forward to “Refresh Your Nest Friday.” Thanks for stopping by. Helen

  11. Great post!! I’m having a linky party, and would love it if you joined! Here is the link! http://www.thesouthernproductqueen.com/one-stop-shoppe-linky-party-3 Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

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