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Small Town Lots Of Great Shops In New Jersey

Recently, I posted about a great small town Bob and I recently visited, thanks to our daughter-in-law, J. We spent several days with our family enjoying every minutes of our time together. And on our last full day, she took us to Lambertville, New Jersey for a special day of fun, food, and finding. It’s that third word finding, that means, we found it. Not anything that we were looking for in particular, but y’all know how it happens…it simply wants to come home with you. That item, like the mirror in the photo above, that simply begged me to take it home from Black Lion in Nashville, Tennessee. Some of you might recall, that my way of saying I really want to buy something is simply to say to Bob, “my socks fell off”! You might recall, I said that when our Realtor and I found this house! And I usually do say it about other things I think I must have. Actually, I can get away with this as there have probably only been 2 or maybe 5 items, that have been on my list to have. Actually, I’m the one, who limits myself as Bob knows I manage the expenses. Yeah, I can be tight, until that day comes along!


Backing up for those who read my recent post asking if anyone could guess where we were having lunch. Actually, we dined at the Lambertville Station Restaurant with great views outside and inside. We sat with a view of the old train tracks and the main street…not sure of the name of it. After a leisurely lunch, we three moved down the road a bit East, I think! And there was lots of shopping awaiting our arrival. Today, I’m sharing my favorite shop of all we visited that day. The name of this great shop is Antiques on Union. Be sure to visit their FB page here.


Actually, viewing the photos you probably are unable to visualize how large this gilded mirror really is. Believe me it is extremely large compared to the one we have, that hangs above our family room mantle. The photos messed with my mind today as the Antiques on Union mirror appears much smaller than it actually is. For comparison, you can click the underlined area and see the small federal mirror that hangs above our family room fireplace. Bob and I found the staff to be courteous and helpful. And we believe the prices are reasonable for the quality. Yet I must add that we have not priced one of this large size anywhere else yet! I love it! Thanks for visiting today and I look forward to your return.


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8 Responses to Small Town Lots Of Great Shops In New Jersey

  1. Gorgeous mirror!…Black Lion…there is a Black Lion in Charlotte….wonder if it is a chain of sorts…it is a huge place packed with great home decor…glad you got that mirror that “knocked your socks off”

    • Shirley, the Black Lion,that was located in Opry Mills prior to the horrible flooding that hit Nashville a while back, had not reopened the last time I checked. And yes, like you mentioned it is a group of shops within one store. That is where I found the one currently in our dining room. It might be replaced later by the gilded federal mirror. We do think the diameter is about the same as the one we have over our buffet. And of course, I’m thinking how many federal mirrors does one need! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Oh so pretty. That mirror is fantastic. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, I know, I know it is great and it did want to come home with me. I still need to comparison shop before I make a call. If it is meant to be, it will still be there if I decide we “need” it. You’re very welcome and thank you for hosting your great party each week.

  3. I LOVE Federal mirrors and that is a beauty for sure!!

    • Pamela, I’m glad you love that federal mirror, too. I think I first wanted one after touring Colonial Williamsburg. And bought the small one for a steal at a resale shop! Thanks, Helen

  4. I know you all had a great trip! That mirror is amazing! What a great piece!

    • Maria, yes, it was absolutely terrific fun the whole time. I know we really don’t need a new mirror; however, that one really would go well with our formal dining room furnishings. Thanks for stopping by. Helen

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