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Searching For Your Home Or Porch

Welcome to my porch and OK, there are other rooms inside, but there were more interesting things outside. Yes, we knew we really wanted a pool and it was an extra bonus that this house had the pool and also had a large screened in porch. Oh, my goodness, we had very little furniture for […]

Shopping For The Flowers And Ferns For Summertime

Happy days have arrived…it’s feeling great outside! Not only that, it’s looking gorgeous with all the beautiful trees. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore leaves? Here’s what is going on around our home. Bob and I could hardly wait to hit the nurseries to find the plants for this special summer. Here’s a […]

Roosters Presented By Helen’s Decor

Welcome to Helen’s Decor! First of all, please note, that every photo is clickable to enlarge and double clicks are the best views! It’s almost fall and what better time to decorate with ROOSTERS! I will say this, it’s definitely not a way, that I have celebrated ever. In fact, I’ve been rather late to […]