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A New Look For Spring

Hello! How are you this day before Spring begins? Hope you are as excited over springtime as most everyone else, who I’m heard voice their love for SPRING! Hooray for everything except wild storms many areas have. Let’s enjoy the thoughts of flowers blooming, birds singing, and picnics in the park or our backyards! No, […]

Decorating Our Upstairs Landing Off Bridge

Our family room has a bridge, also called “cat walk” over it. The stairway goes near the side of our house, where the bedrooms are located. Directly across from the top of the stairway is the landing, and it adds a nice touch compared to just having a bridge with no way to decorate it. […]

NookColor Now With Decorating Magazines

I’ve recently been using the Nook Color eBook to look at decorating magazines.  Perhaps you are like I am about magazines….just cannot toss out beautiful ones and yet hate the clutter!  Think of this, I can keep my favorite magazines for many years without clutter and dust!  Ugh!  It’s great to know that they can […]

A Bit Of Paradise…Porch, Deck, Pool, and Woods