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Blue And White Maybe Likeable

Remember the old saying, “you’ve come a long way, baby” or are you way too young? Well, I’m living proof that I’ve come a long way to like blue in my home at all. Other than I used to wear a lot of blue, but always found blue decor to be…well I’ll say it…COLD! Stay […]

Christmas 2012 Decorations

Hope every reader had a terrific Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Our family certainly enjoyed our time together last week. Usually, we go to the 11 p.m. worship service; however, this year we went to the children’s service at 5 p.m. Rushing from one place to another seems to be the usual around here for […]

Mantle Decorations

Mantle decorations are difficult for me!  I love to have our mantle looking dressed for all the holidays and even just to get through the winter.  In the past year and a half, I’ve made an effort to add something out of the ordinary to our mantle.  For the months of February through May, I […]