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Container Plants Three Weeks Later

Hope y’all are enjoying your outdoor gardening, regardless of whether it is in the ground or in containers! We were busy trying to trim up that huge coconut hanging basket. All the recent rain did beat down some of the plants; therefore, it was necessary to trim that one basket up a lot. You will […]

Part Two Shopping At Ross

Tuesday afternoon, I just had to return to Ross for another day of shopping. Earlier this week, I showed you the chairs that some believe too contemporary for his/her style. I certainly understand that as my style is more traditional/colonial. Whatever!!! Ross Dress For Less was packed with shoppers. “Why,” you ask. The answer is […]

Now On Facebook

Please accept my invitation to visit my new FB page, known as Please take a minute to let me know you were there. Actually, I began the page back in January of this year and was afraid…not sure of what, but y’all know how we women get crazy over some new ideas or we […]