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Blue Friday Happy Friday

Happy Friday y’all! You know…I’m simply amazed how much blue is in my world…our world. Aren’t you really, too? Today, I’m sharing what I did yesterday afternoon for nearly 3 hours! Oh, so you think you know me that well…really? Well, you likely do…if you have been following my blog for a while, that is! […]

Dinner For Two In Front Of The Fireplace

Yesterday, as I considered what kind of tablescape, I’d come up with for Thursday’s blog post, the thoughts crossed my mind that it needed to be a cozy dinner for two directly in front of the hearth. Actually, I don’t recall ever having posted about such a special dinner. And being we have been snowed […]

Getting Ready For A Tennessee Christmas

OK, y’all know just how close I came to having to have quotation marks in that title.  You know it really did need to say “A Tender Tennessee Christmas” just like the much loved Christmas song by the ever famous “Alabama”….who live not far from Tennessee. The table in our breakfast area is set with […]