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Chairs At Ross Dress For Less Really

Look at these pretty black and white chairs, that jumped out in my path at Ross Dress For Less tonight! At first, I thought they were not that great, but upon closer examination…hmmm, I thought it’s time to take a seat! Wow! They are indeed quite comfortable at that. I’ve sort of been semi shopping […]

Another Day At TJ Maxx-Another Garden Seat

Just have you ever! I mean have you ever, ever searched for one item so long that you about lost it? Well, I’ve been going from Ross Dress For Less for weeks now in search of an item for the holidays. I’ll tell you more about that “item” another day and you can even see […]

Shopping At Ross Dress For Less Again And Again

Just a couple of days ago, I dashed in one of my all time favorite places to shop. Yes, you are correct in guessing that Ross Dress For Less is one of those favorites. It is actually racing to the top of my list. Why is that you ask? Quite simply, because their merchandise quality […]

Screened Porches Are Made For Decorating

Have you ever wondered why anyone, who has a nice screened porch would hesitate to make it an extension of their home’s living space? Well, yes, I’m guessing we all have or now that we think about it. Huh? Always in my mind, there were to be lots of plants and especially ferns hanging in […]