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Christmas 2013 Family Room Decorations

Just a look back in time about 25 years ago this month, we moved into this home with this dark family room and a dark brick fireplace to go with it! Ugh! What were we thinking or rather why had the original owner chosen such dark stain for the paneling along with the dark brick? […]

Decorating Our Upstairs Landing Off Bridge

Our family room has a bridge, also called “cat walk” over it. The stairway goes near the side of our house, where the bedrooms are located. Directly across from the top of the stairway is the landing, and it adds a nice touch compared to just having a bridge with no way to decorate it. […]

Ross Dress For Less Keeps Us Shopping For Porch Decor

Hi everyone! Can you believe the quality of the decorative items many of us have found at Ross Dress For Less this spring and summer!!!! I know that sounded like a question, but it was a fact. This cup and saucer planter is perfect for a coffee table on your porch, deck or inside your […]

Mantle Decor To Feature Santa

(ALL PHOTOS CAN BE ENLARGED BY CLICKING) Would y’all just take a look at ole Santa in these pictures? He’s from Kirkland’s Home in Hixson, Tennessee. When my eyes fell on this particular Santa picture…it was love! Just maybe it’s because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE holly leaves and berries! This one was almost the size […]

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