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Decorating Master Bath Vanity Outside The Box

Recenty, I was  shopping for the master bath vanity area and found the Kirkland’s Mosaic Garden Angel Birdfeeders to be very interesting.  Actually, I was looking all over the place for something unique to place in the corner of the L-shaped two sink vanity.  To my great surprise, I found the 2 Mosaic Angel Birdfeeders. […]

Mantle Decorations

Mantle decorations are difficult for me!  I love to have our mantle looking dressed for all the holidays and even just to get through the winter.  In the past year and a half, I’ve made an effort to add something out of the ordinary to our mantle.  For the months of February through May, I […]

Master Bedroom and Bathroom Retreat

Happy 2011, The winter months are a good time to start making over your master bedroom into the retreat you’ve always dreamed of having. I still love all my items, but I’m thinking of a little facelift with paint on the walls. We are in the middle of our bath and dressing area makeover now! […]

Decorating Your Christmas Holiday Mantle

Oh me! What would I put on the mantle (mantel) to brighten it up for the weeks of events of the holidays. Many people start early with holiday mantle decorations and many are just barely finishing their decorations before the first gift is opened. I try to finish mine about mid-way. That allows more time […]

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