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Shopping In Huntsville At Railroad Station Antiques

For best view, please click photo twice.) Last weekend, Bob and I took a trip to Huntsville, Alabama, not just one day, but 2 days straight. Yes, we love it there, but we don’t usually go there 2 days straight…actually never before last weekend. The truth is that we have shopped there for many years […]

Walking Right On Into The Dining Room

Welcome to my formal dining room and living room. I’ve been trying to decide if I am going to attack these 2 rooms. Part of me wants to tear into it and the old comfort zone tells me to leave it alone. Wanna have a chuckle? I just lost the long post I had ready […]

Welcome to Helen’s Decor!

Hello and welcome to Helen’s Home Decor!  On this site, I will be discussing home decor ideas and posting some home furnishings reviews.  I am crazy over mahogany furniture and of course I thought it was old fashioned when I was a child.  Today is a new day and I adore furniture that has ball […]