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Decorating A Three Tier Table

Welcome to my foyer! I have been experimenting lately with my iPad creating a different view including the antique mirror over the credenza and the three tier table reflected from the formal living room. Now, I’m wondering what I did without that iPad! Back to that view of the three tier table, that I just […]

When You Least Expect It

With visions of sugar….no, no, no, I had not envisioned being stuck in the house with an icy driveway. In this photo, you can barely tell there is a driveway. Yeah, that’s it between the waste can and the oversize mailbox! Thankfully, we don’t have a straight up driveway or it would be more dangerous […]

Pottery Barn Mirrors Calling My Name

Recently, Pottery Barn has filled my email daily with lots of terrific sale items.  First it was one or two items a day and I had to use self control.  You see I cannot decide what I want to spend my generous Pottery Barn gift card on.  One day this and another….you guessed it, I […]