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Something Easy To Assemble Mix & Chill

Many of you know me very well and know that decorating is more fun for me than cooking! There…I’ve now confessed to blogland around the world! If you follow my blog, Helen’s Decor, on Facebook, you already knew that. In fact I had even misplaced my recipes that weren’t saved on this computer yet. You […]

Decking The Halls With Great Decor From Ross Dress For Less

Hope y’all are getting it all finished up…shopping, cooking, schedules, and not necessarily in that order! In truth, maybe it’s all coming together better than it really feels from my viewpoint…does that happen to you? Panic sets in for a short time usually…hoping so! Just look at this gorgeous pinecone…and yes, I really did want […]

Using A Heart Shape For A Punch Ice Ring Bridal Shower

Let me first say that this shower was a long time ago, but it was such fun for me as the hostess for Lisa’s shower. Fortunately, I had saved my copy of Southern Living magazine, that had a similar “ice ring”…of course it’s not round! Oh well, y’all will love how I chose to simplify […]