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Solving A Storage Problem

Hope everyone has had a great Monday! It’s been a great day here at home in SE Tennessee! Such fun just to be at home! If you’ve followed me for a while, you must know by now, that I love to go and love to shop. Now, that certainly doesn’t mean everything that’s admired is […]

Orange Has Returned Or Has It

Welcome to my home! Recently there was a whole afternoon of shopping going on when I arrived at TJ Maxx! It was ever so busy and difficult for me to shop as I usually do….you guessed it someone was waiting on me. And at the same time I was waiting for shoppers to move aside […]

Part One Shopping Ross Dress For Less

Yesterday, I simply had to go shopping at one of my all time favorite places for nice quality decor at extremely reasonable prices. So, of course most of you know where that kind of shopping can be fun! And fun it was, as I moved from one area to another. It’s after Midnight here in […]