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Our Home On A Mountaintop

Many years ago, we bought a new home on flat land…how flat for someone, who had lived in the mountains of North Alabama for many years. So, the next 2 homes were also on that flat land. Suddenly one day, we were transferred to the beautiful mountains of Tennessee and got the dream of living […]

Screened Porches Are Made For Decorating

Have you ever wondered why anyone, who has a nice screened porch would hesitate to make it an extension of their home’s living space? Well, yes, I’m guessing we all have or now that we think about it. Huh? Always in my mind, there were to be lots of plants and especially ferns hanging in […]

Now On Facebook

Please accept my invitation to visit my new FB page, known as Please take a minute to let me know you were there. Actually, I began the page back in January of this year and was afraid…not sure of what, but y’all know how we women get crazy over some new ideas or we […]

A Bit Of Paradise…Porch, Deck, Pool, and Woods