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A New Look For Spring

Hello! How are you this day before Spring begins? Hope you are as excited over springtime as most everyone else, who I’m heard voice their love for SPRING! Hooray for everything except wild storms many areas have. Let’s enjoy the thoughts of flowers blooming, birds singing, and picnics in the park or our backyards! No, […]

Fireplace And Mantle In 1992 And In 2012

Talk about a difference color makes in a room. Let me just say one more time how truly ugly this family room was in 1992! Notice the dark, dark paneling, that absolutely drove me up the wall as we said in those days. Just seeing this photo reminds me of all people said whenever, I […]

Mantle And Brick Fireplace Makeover

ALL PHOTOS ARE CLICKABLE!  Please see other views of the mantle and fireplace on this blog. Several years ago, I teased about making over my ugly brick fireplace, that really was causing me grief!  Well, that and the ugly dark, dark paneling in our family room.  Anytime, it came up in discussions with my husband, […]