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Texas Fall Mantle And Tabletop Decor

Mantles and tabletop decor are really getting a lot of attention everywhere.  I have never seen so many lovely decorations for fall as we have this year.  Today, I’m featuring my longtime friend Glenda’s mantle decor and tabletop in her family room.  Glenda has a great eye for decorating and like most of us …what can I say?  OK, y’all might as well know that Glenda loves a deal…she bargain hunts  for just the right price for her decor.  

You might be asking just how long Glenda and I have shopped together!  OK, if you must know…we both had naturally brown hair!  She just reminded me that there was lay-away back then!  Isn’t she the funny one?  Anyway, as soon as we had the carpool dropped off at school, we hit the road in Houston.  My best shopping pals have always been the ones, who love a deal or, or..or there if it is no deal…we move on!  As empty nesters, we still shop as if we were just beginning…except for a few splurges a year!  Ha!

First let’s take a close look at Glenda’s mantle or mantel!  (Both spellings are correct.)  The lovely framed print was made for fall with all the right colors.  She found it at Kirkland’s a few years ago.   Also, here she is combining fall with Thanksgiving and the “Blessings” word art is perfect sitting right in front of the color-filled print.  Love it!  The metal pumpkins on each end of the mantle anchor the decor well.  They are open-backed and easy to have candles in place.  She’s has seen ones like them at Stein Mart this season.  The pheasants are gorgeous and a Hobby Lobby find this year.  Did you notice White Tail Deer antlers, too?  Those can’t be found in a store, they’re from the family’s deer hunting times in the Texas Hill Country!  

Don’t forget to check out the things on the hearth floor.  Look out for the black cat and that great scare crow!  The black pots on the left were given to her by her daughter.  The hay bales are from Michael’s.  

I’m really loving the combination of fall with Halloween on the side table.  Also, the pumpkin in the candleholder!   I especially like that she has not removed her monogrammed “N”coasters from the table. The coasters were a gift, but they have been available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this year.  

Glenda’s attention to detail sets the stage for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays, when friends and family will be dropping by.  Thanks, Glenda, for agreeing to show us your home on Helen’s Decor.

 I’m proud to share Glenda’s mantle ideas with you for next fall.  Feel free to bookmark this page so that you will find this when you need inspiration.  Please join me on Kim’s WOW Wednesday for the next few days.  You never know what you will find blogging along over at Kim’s.  Here’s her link:  http://savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com/



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16 Responses to Texas Fall Mantle And Tabletop Decor

  1. Thank you for sharing Helen. Shopping friends are the best, it really helps to have someone else’s opinion as well. Glenda has done a beautiful job :) Y’all (A true TX saying) have a great weekend!

    • Tami, you’re very welcome to look and look some more. You are right about the help that a shopping friend came give. Like give you that look that means, it is urgent we turn around and go back to a shop. Glenda has done a great job with her home. You might be seeing some other areas of her home, too.
      Thanks, Helen

  2. I think its so great you have someone to shop with Helen.
    The mantle looks great and very festive. Enjoy every moment ya’ll can together and thrift on Baby~!


    • Sonny, it is wonderful whenever Glenda and I can get together. We aren’t neighbors any more…several state away. I tell ya, whenever we get together you can bet there is at least one all day shopping. Bargain hunters…we are! :)

  3. That’s beautiful! I love it. Great job! Texas gals are the best :)

  4. Hi Helen…looks like Fall in Texas for sure. I hear from another blogging friend the weather is cooling down now finally. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

    • Debbie, it’s really dropped here compared to 102 degrees on the mountain one of the last hottest days and now…we’ve been in the 40’s with the heat on!!! Summer is gone…pool is closed! And I’ve had enough of winter already! :(

  5. Your friend does have a great eye. I love her mantel.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Helen: Your friend has a pretty mantel, saw your post on Kirkland’s

  7. Lovely fall decor! It’s fun to have a shopping buddy! Hope you are having a great weekend!…hugs…Debbie

    • Debbie, it surely is great to have shopping buddies! I have 3 or more, who like to shop the way that I do. Thanks for the compliments on Glenda’s decorations. It’s been a great weekend and hope yours has been, too. Thanks again!

  8. Such gorgeous finds Helen and yes, it is fun to have a shopping buddy. Kirkland’s has such great stuff…love that store! Glenda did a lovely job on the mantel.
    Marianne :)

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