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Texas Mantle With Unpolished Silver And Polished Silver

Thanks to everyone, who has enjoyed the two previous posts of the Texas mantles of 2 of my Houston area friends, Glenda and Betty. Glenda’s was the fall mantle featuring the Texas white tail deer antlers, along with other Halloween and Thanksgiving items. Betty’s was the Christmas mantle with the patina on the silver trays, candleholders, greenery on the mantle, and a wreath above it.

Imagine my surprise, when I received a text from Betty saying, “I couldn’t stand it any longer. I polished the silver.” Only days before that text, we had been on the phone agreeing that our silver didn’t have to sparkle as it did in our mothers’ homes. Yeah, we agreed that patina was “in” now! And trust me, I feel sure that both of us will find patina on our silver trays in the future. Who am I kidding…not just our trays….silver anything.

Let’s think about this…we have better things to do besides polishing our silver…like shopping for more deals on silver. Remember that trip to New Orleans, I told about the thrift shop with boocoodles of silver for cheap? (Spell check has no spelling for boocoodles…bless their heart!)

The center photo is the full view in case you missed seeing their gorgeous family room and antiques. Notice that armoire!
This is definitely a “before” and “after” post.

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Wishing you a great week! As always, I’m glad you stopped by. Thanks, Helen

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8 Responses to Texas Mantle With Unpolished Silver And Polished Silver

  1. I wasn’t sure if my email went to you, so I’ll leave it here too: Thanks so much! My cousin us truly my sister from another mother, lol. we have been close since birth! The harlequin was much more work than I thought it was and of course while I was doing it (and possibly  cursing a bit, haha) I swore I wouldn’t be doing it again, but the  results are so rewarding im sure I could be talked into doing it again. Thanks for the follow!  Following you as well and I have to say, I love unpolished silver! ~ jill

    • Thanks,Jill for writing and for letting me know how you feel about unpolished silver. Both of your replies came through. I look forward to seeing your new posts, too. Thank you very much, Helen

  2. I didn’t know if you received my email :-)

    • Jill, thanks for making sure I found your notes. I very much appreciate your kindness and attention to detail. I can hardly wait to see your lovely Harlequin work completed for your cousin’s baby room walls. It will be fabulous. Thanks again, Helen

  3. TJ MAXX has always been a great store…I started buying clothes there back in high school! Such good deals! andrea@townandprairie

  4. I love it! I would NEVER have time to polish silver! Although I do like a nice shiny look every now and then. I really don’t have much silver. I have a fabulous silver goblet that we used at our wedding…not much more.

    I’m a new linky follower!

  5. Beautiful!! I have lots of silver in need of polish. I’m so glad it’s “in” and I can leave it with a nice patina. Because, my silver polish smells up my entire house!! :)

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