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The Black And White Chairs Are Back


The black and white chairs, that many of you were interested in last year are back again at Ross-Dress-For-Less. Yes, it’s been almost a year and a half since I shared these with you in January of 2013. Somehow, they always appear slanted…photographer error or sloping floor! Who knows? I certainly don’t! The Ross chairs are sturdy and perfect for a space in your master bedroom, family room, or guest room. Chairs always make me feel welcome.

The price is the same as in 2013. See more details on last year’s post. Again, I’m a shopper and have not been asked to review these chairs nor have I been compensated for sharing them with you today. What else can I say, except I appreciate the style of these and always enjoy passing along what I consider a nice deal for the asking price you would pay.

Last year’s post:
Helen’s Decor

Everything looks the same including the great price.

Hope you have a great week!
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