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Trees N Trends Topiaries By Helen

Hello!  Today my husband and I have been getting the the decorations out to put in place outside.  That means that we finally have the gorgeous, smashing sphere shaped topiaries  planted in the large pots on our front porch!  Let me tell you that the quality of these beauties amazes me.  They go perfectly with our woods and the SNOW!!!  Yes, this is our 2nd snow this winter and we’ve only just begun!  No fear, these beauties will handle it well.  BTW, they are still on sale at Trees N Trends or were over the weekend when I was there shopping again for Christmas decorations, etc.  I had to include both the North view and the South view as these just thrilled me no end.  Do you love them?  I hope Trees N Trends hears how many of you wish for a store in your state.  This is truly one of the best places, that I’ve shopped for decor this year.  Check out their website and let them know you want them in your community!  Merry Christmas!

This week, I’m adding this post to Kim’s WOW!  If you don’t know Kim yet, you need to visit her great blog now for WOW!!  Enjoy the WOW!  http://savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com/


The largest topiaries from the previous shopping trip.

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19 Responses to Trees N Trends Topiaries By Helen

  1. Thanks Helen for giving me the heads up on the topiary, of course you know I love it! I also love the garden finial as well! Hope you are having a great Holiday Season so far!

    • Tami, I felt sure that you would love it. Those pinecone finials are old…maybe 16 or so years. I love how they weather and get their own look, beyond the new concrete look. KWIM? They are heavy…it took 3 of us to get them on the porch. Wishing you the best of holidays, too. Thanks!

    • Tani, I love your blogs. Thank you so much for featuring my blog twice recently. I enjoy reading all the other blogs you feature, too. Such fun.
      Hope my friends will all visit and follow you. tamiscribblesandswirls.blogspot.com/

    • I meant, TAMI, not Tani! :)

  2. Love your site and all your creative ideas! Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Merry Merry!

  3. Helen, They look great I wish we had a Tree and Trend in our area.

    • Thanks, Linda! Did you check their website for the locations? The first one I shopped is in Florida and I’d never heard of it. Then one day, I stumbled upon a grand opening in Franklin, TN, near Nashville. While they made a wreath for me, they told me that was one about a half an hour from my home. So, we just never know!

  4. Helen,
    I featured this today over at Scribbles and Swirls. Hope you love it as much as I do.
    P.S. The finial I found for $5 a few months back is definitely fake! Shhhhhh! Maybe some day I can have a real one! :)

  5. Hi Helen, thanks so much for stopping by Project Queen! I’ve enjoyed perusing through your blog. You have some great stuff! So glad I inspired you to open up that mesh! yay! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


    • Mandy, so happy that you stopped by. And I’m thrilled to have found your post at just the right time. I still didn’t get to try my hand at the mesh…had to go get more gifts! Thanks for the encouragement. And it was a joy to read your great post on that mesh…that I was fearing. Thanks for following me, too. Merry Christmas, Helen

  6. Helen, Sorry I had to answer your question about the magnolia leaves in your comments section, but couldn’t find an email address for you. About putting wax or polish on the magnolia leaves..yes, in the “old days” we used to put floor wax on them. I think it makes them last a bit longer too. I was too lazy and just put mine up “nekkid” (nothing on them) as we sayin the South. Good luck. Let me know what you do and how they look. Thanks for visiting.

    • Babs, no problem and thanks for replying. I’ll send you my email in a few minutes. I have never polished any mag leaves…much as I love them. Yours look beautiful just as they are. Thanks for the info. Hope my friends reading will visit Babs mantle or mantel (both spellings are correct) to see the lovely mantle she has decorated with a surprise addition other than the magnolia leaves. Love it.

  7. I love your topiaries, they’re so elegant! They give your entrance a grandiose style. Thank you for sharing and thanks for stopping by my house and for the lovely and kind comments you left me. Merry Christmas. FABBY

  8. Helen, sooo beautiful! I love the topiaries!
    They make such a statement! Sorry I have been MIA! LOL
    Trying to spend as much time as possible with my son!
    Big hug

  9. Hi Helen,

    Your small Christmas trees are lovely. :-)

    I also enjoyed reading about the topiaries and your travels.

    Have a great day,

    • Dee, thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked the tree and topiaries. Those topiaries were everywhere we went in Europe or so it seemed. I do love them. Merry Christmas!

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