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TV Fan Or Not Of Downton Abbey’s Decor

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Downton Abbey took this non-TV fan by surprise or was it a storm! Probably a bit of both. The production and all the beautiful settings caught me watching TV…something I rarely enjoy doing. And then the decor grabbed my full attention even before I had been able to remember the characters’ names. And I do love home tours and did go on weekly home tours many years ago, while selling real estate in the Kingwood area of Houston, Texas.

The strangest thing I ever saw while on a home tour was a bathtub with a wooden saw horse beside it with a horse saddle resting on it. Must have been freshly polished in that gorgeous bath. Gave a few of us a big laugh. “Nowhere else, but Texas or other cowboy states.

Moving on to that green/blue whatever the color is in the above photo. I’m seeing it as a gorgeous green. Then, I also know that yellow is gorgeous, too. And one minute, I’m ready to pull down all the foyer wallpaper and start at the front door with that green.
By the way, I found an article giving us details of the colors and read where we can all locate them at a store selling Benjamin Moore paint. All information was found on the blog named “Living In Color: Inspiration” Here’s the link to that wonderfully written page.

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8 Responses to TV Fan Or Not Of Downton Abbey’s Decor

  1. Love Downton Abbey…pretty color!!!

  2. I’m a HUGE fan of Downton Abbey and Sunday, they’re running season 3 again, on our PBS station. You know where I’ll be. :)
    Happy Sunday,

    • Hi Babs, I’m really enjoying it more each time we watch another one. We have it streamed and were late joining everyone else. You didn’t say if you like the colors…I’d love to hear your favorite if you have one from the Downton Abbey. Thanks, Helen

  3. I have never seen the show but I do hear and read raves about it. Hugs and thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

    • Hi Katherine, I hope you see the show soon, so that you will know what the raves are all about. You’re welcome and thanks again for hosting TFT.

  4. Love the show and the decor. I think that color would also look great in a bathroom!

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