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Two Baskets Connect

Have you ever agonized over one place in your family room or any other room? You know what I mean…so long that you just cannot possibly put your finger on what the problem is/was! The photo above is just what anyone would see when entering our family room from our garage. Well, there is a small passage and then there’s the family room. I just realized that it’s the bare wood of the staircase that goes down to the floor…too plain for me! And there’s a story for some other time, about just what I would have had for that staircase and bridge over the family room. I think you probably have felt like that a time or two yourself. Just not the right decor for my taste. My mission was to change this one corner to have a better view….this is a beginning and might be changed again soon. For now, see what you think of the baskets.
Look at the basket on the right, yes, it’s been hanging on the inside surface of our front door. Crooked at that…and I simply had to have that basket from Trees ‘N Trends. Actually, it displayed better in the store than on the door. Maybe in a while, I’ll try to straighten out the problem. OK, recently I found the straw colored basket with green on it at Hobby Lobby for a great price. Brought it home with no clue what I would find to place inside it. Then both baskets ended up resting on the “green room” bed, while thoughts of where they would go ran through my mind constantly.basketsstairs2hww
And suddenly, I tried something and it worked easily. No remaking the arrangement..just stuffed the arrangement down into that Hobby Lobby basket. Fooled around with the fern part and finally found the right spot where we would not be likely to step on it as we use the staircase. Yes, I thought about placing a small stool there, but nothing was thrilling about that idea either. Still tossing that around for a while.
Seriously, the Hobby Lobby basket is not normally one I would select…just it was needed here.
Stay with me while, I apologize for taking so long to show you what it looks like now. Now that I have arranged and rearranged the two connected.
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4 Responses to Two Baskets Connect

  1. Hi Helen! I’m over to see you from my blog Prodigal Pieces. Love what you’ve done. :o)

  2. Yes, I agonize over this place and that spot often! Great solution, really looks pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday, always so nice having YOU!

    • Oh! Thanks so very much, Cindy! I second and third guess myself crazy over little spots like that. YOU make it an enjoyable party. Thanks for your kindness.

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