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Unique Garden Ideas


A while back while shopping for outdoor plants for our deck boxes and large pots, look at what was growing out of what appeared to be a bird bath at first glance. Now, I’m not so sure, that it’s not meant to be a tiered planter. Or my goodness, the birds would be having a family reunion! The variety of plants really appealed to me. Doesn’t this idea seem interesting? It reminds me of dish gardens of a smaller size ages ago.


OK, so again out came my phone and these photos have been in it for a while now. Would y’all enjoy these ideas or not…was the question that kept coming to mind. And then the answer was clearly…who would not love these beautiful garden ideas.


The longer I waited to share these with you…the more convincing the photos were and the answer was obvious. The beauty of the various plants swooned me! (Hmm! Swooned by plants? Never before!


In closing, let me leave you with this fountain idea, too! Something about this frog fountain reminds me of the time my husband took the top off the pool skimmer and frogs jumped out in all directions…not one, but “thirteen” jumped out at him in all directions! And yes, I’ve questioned how he had time to count 13! Maybe we need that frog fountain after all!

Hope you have a great week!
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