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Using A Heart Shape For A Punch Ice Ring Bridal Shower

Let me first say that this shower was a long time ago, but it was such fun for me as the hostess for Lisa’s shower. Fortunately, I had saved my copy of Southern Living magazine, that had a similar “ice ring”…of course it’s not round! Oh well, y’all will love how I chose to simplify the design by using a tip learned from my mother about punch and serving it.

Many people make the ice ring out of water and then guess what happens if it begins to melt. Of course the water also waters down your tasty punch. Why would anyone want to lose that great punch flavor? Mother taught me to always use punch instead of water in making the “ice ring” and it works wonders.

The punch shown uses a quart of pineapple juice, 6 small cans of frozen lemonade, 3 packs of lemon Kool-Aid, and 3 small cans of orange juice. Be sure to add water and sugar to the Kool-Aid as usual. Make sure that you test this ahead of time to ensure any changes in contents or packaging over the years. I suggest doubling the recipe to ensure that you have enough for serving and for the heart shaped ring. Doubling would server between 40 to 50 guests.

I was stubborn and already had heart shaped cake pans, so rather than purchase a mold, a cake pan was my mold. Simply arrange sliced strawberries in the partially frozen punch, and return to the freezer. Don’t forget to do that partial freeze, so that your strawberries are visible. Be careful not to get the strawberries too close to the outline of the pan/mold. It turned out well the first time, and the second time using this recipe for a family reception. Travelling for 2 hours made it necessary to be pack in an Igloo chest and it held up perfectly.

My friend, Cindy, helped me with the table arrangement of food and cups for Lisa’s shower. Love the way she placed the cups on 2 sides of the bowl.

Rather than spend for paper plates, I opted to purchase 40 salad/dessert glass plates and used a pretty paper doily on each plate. The doilies had a solid center with the a lace outside. It helped hold the food and added a special celebration flair to the plates. At the time, they cost the same or less than the best, elegant paper plates would have. They are great for many occasions. Recently saw the Seabreeze pattern by Arcoroc at Walmart and also on Ebay.

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24 Responses to Using A Heart Shape For A Punch Ice Ring Bridal Shower

  1. That is a great idea. I love the heart shape.
    A friend of mine used frozen strawberries or raspberries in here punch.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

    • Tina, thank you very much. Glad you love it, too. The berries are such a tasty treat in with the other fruit flavors, too. Thanks for stopping by, Helen

  2. What a fantastic idea, I love it and it doesn’t water down the punch and looks beautiful.

  3. The punch looks delicious and so pretty! Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I am following you back!

  4. That is such a cute idea to do a strawberry heart shaped ice ring in the punch like that! What a great finishing touch. I guess that the sky’s the limit when coming up with unique shapes and fruits that could be used that way.

    • Kelly, you are exactly right about the finishing touch, and there’s no limit as far as I can guess. LOL! It’s fun to make and enjoy.
      Hope you will follow me in Linky Follower, too. Thanks for dropping by, Helen

  5. Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by and following. I am your newest linky follower 😉 Hope you have a wonderful week :)

    • Helen, so happy that you are following me back. Who knew we would meet…being you have my maiden name! Helen keep thinking good thoughts about the springtime week ahead. Sounds great. Thanks for stopping by, Helen

  6. Helen, Thank you for sharing this great idea! It looks so pretty.:-)

  7. Helen, this is a beautiful idea! I know it has to taste sooo good! It looks like is so much fun to make and it makes the punch bowl look beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    • Maria, glad you like the idea. It does taste great…so leftovers don’t go to waste! One thing that makes it fun is that it is so easy and appears to be harder than it is. Ha! I really think the fresh berries work very well for slicing, too. It was a keeper the second I saw it in Southern Living magazine ages ago. Thanks, Helen

  8. Hi Helen,
    Your heart-shaped ring looks so beautiful in the punch bowl. I have only made round rings, but that was a good idea to use a heart-shaped pan. The punch sounds delicious!

    • Jane, so glad you like the look it gives the punch service. If you like a pineapple juice base, I believe you will enjoy this punch.
      Thanks for visiting, Helen

  9. A lovely idea and economical too. Thank you for linking up to the Thursday hop. Sorry I’m behind in saying thank you. My Monday post will explain my delay.Hope to see you again this Thursday. xo

    • Katherine, thanks. You are right it was a terrific savings not to have to purchase a heart shaped mold. It held together very well. Glad you dropped by. Helen

  10. Wonderful idea! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  11. Hi Helen! Oh, that’s a wonderful tip using punch instead of water. I have to admit I’ve used water before – shame on me. The heart shape with the strawberries is so pretty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Shelia, thanks for the visit and compliments, too. I hope everyone will go over to see your renovated kitchen ASAP! (Especially, if they are dreaming of doing a similar project.) Helen

  12. I love this idea…and it sounds yummy to!

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