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When You Least Expect It

snow020212With visions of sugar….no, no, no, I had not envisioned being stuck in the house with an icy driveway. In this photo, you can barely tell there is a driveway. Yeah, that’s it between the waste can and the oversize mailbox! Thankfully, we don’t have a straight up driveway or it would be more dangerous to consider getting out.

Now at issue today is why have we lived here this long (24 years) and never ordered that sled? Well, we moved here from Houston, Texas….flat land, no snow except tiny flakes. A lot of flakes needed to get a snow path down a hill. So today, we can absolutely think of more places we’d love to go right this minute….out of here and shopping, dinner out, movie, you name it. How about Nashville? Well, they just might have more of a problem with the white stuff than we do. My friends in Huntsville, Alabama were saying it was getting slick there and also that traffic in Nashville was stopped on the Interstate. And of course as I write, I’m remembering all the fun places to go to Huntsville or Nashville or just get out of that snow covered driveway and go somewhere. Can you tell there is a case of “cabin fever” here? Thought so! Now, I should be getting things back to normal in our bedroom following what happened Tuesday. Well, it got crazy here and painful with that trip to the dentist to be told there’s a root canal and a brand new crown in my future. That lowered my thoughts of what color to paint the room or will we take care of that later. Regardless of what goes on first, you can rest assured that the mirror will be secured like no mirror has ever been before that time when it goes up on the wall again. Puzzled about that messy event, click here to read about it.

Yes, spending time searching for sleds on the Internet showed ones, that would be easy enough to store for these rare unexpected snowy days. If you “Google” you can locate one in a second. “Google” brought up many familiar places to shop online, including Amazon, Target, and Walmart to name a few. Wonder when sleds go on sale…would be lovely to have one ready and waiting for snow next November. :) Thanks, Helen

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10 Responses to When You Least Expect It

  1. We have snow too Helen! I’m ready for spring and thank goodness it is at least February!

    • Rondell, I’m thinking exactly the same as you about “at least February” is here. That said, one of our worst snows ever was in March! Keep thinking spring! Thanks for visiting.

  2. It is like spring here! Wish we had a little more cold weather….I know you must be ready to get outta the house.

    • Hi Glenda, Would you yell “Spring” toward Tennessee? I’ll make a deal, you can have all the cold weather you want. You know us well…cabin fever already. Many readers will recall seeing Glenda’s dining room tablescape and her fall mantle featured on my blog. She is one of my “forever friends”! Thanks for the visit.

  3. Beautiful picture! It is so hard to believe for us in Texas. We had 79 degrees yesterday, Spring like weather, and not a cloud in the sky. I am sorry to hear about your dental issues. There is nothing I hate more than the dentist! I have my share of problems with that also. Hope all the snow goes away soon. Be safe!

    • Maria, I know what you mean. We actually got to 51 degrees today and the driveway got melted. It was great to rid ourselves of “cabin fever”….bet the kiddos in your area would welcome snow though! Thanks for visiting today!

  4. Such a beautiful pictures. Love how the snow sits on the branches. it’s in the 60’s here today.

    • Oh Linda! Our weather is weird lately. Our temp at Noon was about 51 degrees, too. Then it will be cold again soon. Ice finally melted off the driveway…thankfully, before “cabin fever” set in. See the photo of my home on my FB page…complete with snow! :) Thanks for dropping by. Look forward to knowing you better.

  5. Beautiful picture! I love pictures of snow and always wanted to spend at least one Christmas in Vermont and ride one of those ole timey horse pulled sleighs. lol Not likely to happen as my children and grandchildren would throw a fit! Thanks so much for sharing at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy~PJH Designs

    • Peggy, you know I used to be excited over snow until I experienced 2 blizzards. One left us without power for a couple of weeks. Thankfully, we had a kerosene heater. It was not fun to know that we were in the last 10 houses in our county that had our electricity restored. Now, I always dread snow. The next blizzard wasn’t as long lasting and someone important in the power industry had moved on our mountain. We had our power restored quite quickly that time. :) Thanks, Helen

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